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Iqbal Poetry: Har Cheez Hai Mahv-e...

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har cheez hai mahv-e khud-numaaii

har zarra shaheed-e kibriaaii (bigness)


Everything in the universe, every particle, seemingly lying dormant in the vast oceans of wujood (being) is showing off itself; why? It wants to be loved, to be appreciated. Every atom, every electron is connected; don’t know what connection it is; call it love. Everything wants to be seen, recognized in the great picture of reality and wants to witness the greatness; by showing off itself, it is showing off the ultimate reality, and making connection with the Ultimate, obscured behind the glass of wujood.





bey zauq-e namood zindagi maut

taameer-e khudi mein hai Khudaaii


If the self does not have the fire of being, becoming and be-knowing, then this dull and inert state of passiveness is equivalent to death. The soul kindles fire in the heart to show off its beauty to the soul-giver; showing off to Him; telling Him that he can be like Him.





raaii zor-e khudi say parbat

parbat zo’f-e khudi say raaii


Physical might and qualities do not stand in the eyes of the Ultimate Seer, He sees right through the material and weighs only the strength of the soul; if it is strong with the knowledge of its Lord, the resultant of the soul is magnified and the sun and the stars bow down to it.





taray aawara-o kam-aamez (rarely encounter one another)

taqdeer-e wujood hai judaaii


Though everything is so close and connected, yet everything is all alone and kind of lost; everything needs to find itself while slowly drifting in the solitary fire of love.





wo pichhlay peher ka zard-roo chand

bay-raz-o niaz-e aashanaaii


Once the moon entered the latter hours of the night, it became pale with the thought that the earth dwellers have gone to sleep; nobody is looking at it.





teree qandeel hai tera dil

tou aap apni roshanaaii


The light lit in the heart is going to lead the way, the external will get its light from within; the holder of khudi will depend upon no one but itself to find its beloved Truth.





ik Tuo hai kay haq hai iss jahan mein

baqi hai namood-e seemiaaii (mercury)


Who can see everyone, who can give total appreciation to each, who is worth your seeing, the perfect one, whom you want to love, the only truth you long for is He; everything else is a reflection of colours on a reality which turns intangible every time you try to comprehend it. He is ‘the connection'; He is real, everything else is unreal.





hain uqda-kusha khar-e sehra

kam kar gila-e barahna-paaii


The thorns that pierce the feet of the lover, nourish his belief and add flame to the fire of the soul; they open the secrets of the self to his conscience, they are the valuable provisions of the journey.