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Global Economic Recession - For Dummies

Posted by Aneela Shahzad on

I have been confused for quite many days, trying to figure out how the money system really works and this ‘recession’; if it’s true, what’s holding it back! Thanks to the deceptive mainstream western media, always giving semi statements that confuse you more; you are never to come to a conclusion as to what is really happening. The trick of the media is to repeatedly pour in all sorts of opinion on a matter so that eventually the viewer is left totally baffled and indecisive, over several possible scenarios, that all make some sense, but never totally link in.

What really hit me hard, was all the drama and suspense, of the US government declaring its bankruptcy and it’s near collapse for more than a month and one fine morning we hear that the US congress has approved its own 13 to 17 trillion dollar bailout cum debt ceiling and is honorably reset to live ‘happily ever after’.

The whole thing is quite simple, as long as your mind isn’t being constantly staggered with false information, yet it is equally unbelievable. It is incredibly astonishing how a small, viciously mean section of the global society can control a swarming population of 6.9 billion, all with the instruments of lies, deception and distractions. The psychological trick is so simple that most normal people will shun it off as a conspiracy theory when you try to connect complex global matters with simple commonplace words like cheating, pretending and treachery.

Here is how it all happened and how it’s still going on; the richest elites of Europe wanted to be evermore rich and ensure their permanent hegemony, so they came in terms with the Jews, who had been living between them for centuries, well known for their money mongering schemes and their beloved money lending business. Despite the fact that the European populace hated them, they let them make the banks, under their auspice, for the plundering of global wealth; all of it.

The banks that initially based their transactions on gold and silver, with the passage of time gained the confidence of the people and started issuing paper checks without enough gold or silver backing it in their banks. Now the day has come that most of all the paper money we are using, loads and loads of it, has no gold behind it and it is just fake, printed, paper money. So it doesn’t matter how much, banks like the Federal Reserve prints out this paper, as long as nobody dare question.

So, how things really work! It so happens that the banks (favored Jew organizations) print billions of fake paper bills, and then they lend it to personnel (favored global investors) in the private and the government sector. These people are really relations and close friends within an elite community, so that wealth really grows but accumulates inside a few circles and a few families.

These personnel identify and target huge natural and human resources, previously lying safe and unused in primitive culture. Concerned governments are then bribed with loads of this paper; when the governments have been bought, these big investors target and industrialize previously nascent wealth of poor nations who did not have the resources to unearth that wealth, which was actually theirs and can now be put to good use by these multinationals. These Multinationals transform this wealth with the money they have brought, into goods that will be taken away from these poor countries cheap and sold in international markets at high price, so that all the profit will go in the pockets of these multinationals. The commoners who were glared by the coming of huge industries at their doorsteps, might have had the opportunity to hold this paper in their hands for a while, but really what they got paid, was meager amounts for their sweat and blood, while the treasures of their land has been distributed justly between their rulers and the rightly heirs of the world.

Sane people would think, how such a scam could go on for centuries, this must be one of those conspiracy theories. Let’s reassess the case of the US; for decades the federal reserves, a privately owned Jewish firm, has been printing fake money and lending it to friends, who invest this money all over the world, large sums of money make it possible for the so called multinationals to buy resources in bulk, which was previously not possible for any individual or firm that worked with real assets and limited real funds; but is now possible for the multinationals, with their unreal assets and unlimited funds. But when these multinationals go through all this scheming they have to bribe the respective governments with large sums of money, which they do so with the baggage that this money should stay in their own western banks, and be used only in their economies, because if those governments are allowed to use that money in their home economies, they will buy big too and the hegemony of the multinationals will be defected plus the false economic balance will collapse sooner. Likewise the US government buys large bulks of commodities like oil and other natural resources, paying for them again with the same Federal Reserve printed paper, after which it has to intimidate those governments, like the Saudis, to reinvest that money again in their banks or at the most on non-developmental ventures. In fact the whole of Africa, South America and the whole Islamic belt has been used in this way, by US and Europe, the way of deception, plunder and treachery.

So, when does the US face bankruptcy? When the feds. lend a dollar to the US government; they want a dollar and a dime back, but all the plundering the multinationals have earned, they don’t want to give back to the feds., so there is this internal rift which has to be settled by redistributing more favors; and to device the return of these loans to the feds. by putting more tax on their own people and all over the world through organizations like the IMF and taxes like the carbon-tax; but that’s not the only problem, new avenues have to be identified and executed for more rip-offs, as the greed for wealth and control is squared with every advancement not appeased.

Then what is a bail-out? On the surface, it is shown-off that the institution or the government in need of a bail-out, needs it to pay its dues, salaries, social securities or pensions to the people it is responsible for. But how did such a state come to be? Consider a case of a small community; in it is an owner of a sugar-mill, this owner considers it morally fit to cut back a little of what its employee earns as his pension, so instead of giving him 5 sacks of sugar every month he gives him 4, so that when the man is old and unable to work the mill can deliver one sack of sugar to his home every month. Now, is it morally right for the mill-owner to come to the chief of the town one day and say that I have had bad business and I don’t have the money to pay back the one sack to the old man and you have all this gold, so be kind enough to lend me some of it; now, it appears that the chief was a pious man and he gave the miller one gold coin to make for the old man. But every year the miller would return to ask for more and more gold to be bailed out of his situation. How is it possible the chief thought, that his business is suffering every year and yet his liabilities are more and more every year (he has more promises to return) if he is telling the truth, he is a real bad businessman and the mill should be immediately shut down because the more time you give to such a psychopath, the more liabilities he will accrue; or he is just lying and keeping all the profits. Anyways, profit or no profit, what the miller has to return to his employees is their rightful earning not a share from the profits; he has to return these even if he has to sell his assets for that. But the chief thought of another idea, he thought ‘I have all this gold lying useless in my stores, the miller seems to be a cunning man, why not ask him to buy another mill with this gold and earn some good profit for me too’, the miller did that, and when the time to give the pensions came, the chief and the miller, who are really the two millers now, sat down and decided that business has been bad, so to give the pensions, what we can do now, is start keeping back 2 sacks of sugar from each employee, so that it pays for their pension and the pension of the retired ones too. But this type of story never ends; a few years later when the two were wealthy in gold and sugar, they thought they could buy more mills in the other towns; apparently those towns were not very secure, so the millers of those towns made a contract on paper, with these two, saying that we sell these mills to you and let you keep our money for safe keeping, we’ll take it in bits whenever we need it; now in time, the chief and the miller got this idea: lets buy all the mills of the county, all we have to do is make paper contracts and the people will trust us. So now they own 30 mills when they really owned only 2 and have the gold to pay for only 2 more and because they fear that the public might become aware of this scheme, every time they want to buy more, they let some relative or some close-knit friend buy the new assets and let the people think that they, who are the safe-keepers of the bulk of the gold, are lending more contracts to others to make the economy prosperous. The question is, when you own all the mills of the country now, why do you still need to be bailed out; only the miller and the chief know this, that under the guise of the pensions and social services they promise to provide, they can win huge bail-outs, which added to their profits, become such a large amount that they can start buying other countries now.

You still don’t get it do you! The thing is, this has all been a big scam, the people have to work more and more, in this system, to earn the same standard of living, all those coming in contracts are thinking they own large stacks of gold, which is not really there, and the safe-keepers are slowly becoming owners of all the assets around the world, just in case everybody should start asking for their gold, the safe-keepers have now built huge high-tech armies, that help them feel safe and so that just in case, out of the 6.9 billion people, someone understands their big scam, which by now has been hidden under volumes of economic theories all written in fine prints, they have their ways to intimidate or exterminate those persons.

So as long as rich, unused resources are there to be found and stupid people owning them exist, who let their worst rule them, plunderers will go on looting, in the guise of progress and development.

Our money is not real. The money given as big bribes to governments and elites comes with sanctions, it cannot be used in real time economy to improve the condition of the country, it is usually shifted back to western banks, like the Swiss banks (Jew owned orgs.) and can only be spent on luxury and assets placed mostly in western economies, while the commoners get meager amounts for their sweat and blood. If this money was real, the growth and riches of all the countries the multinationals deal with would be at least equal to the accumulative wealth of the multinationals, only spread out.

How will it stop? If, one day, on the same day, all the Swiss account holders and those who have huge assets in US and other European banks decide to open their wallets, they’ll find out that there is nothing to buy with all this money, because if all the riches of the world are of a value equal to 100 and the money in the banks is equal to 100,000 then what will you buy with the rest of the 99900, except that you raise all the prices to the value 100,000 (inflate) OR if one day all the stupid people say ‘I don’t want paper for my oil or cotton, I want gold or silver.’ Then the mouths of the plunderers will be left wide open.

Why hasn’t that happened? Because they have weapons and united armies in their fronts, Saddam only said he wants to change from US dollar to Euro money, look what they did, Qaddafi said he wants gold for his oil, so what happened? They have the carrot and the stick, to make sure who’s going to eat their stupid carrot; they pick and place the ‘bad’, the ‘ugly’, the ‘evil’, like our own Zaddarri, Saddam, Kaddafi etc. Fear and greed takes them 10 mile over and ahead our thinking, they aim for global supremacy and corruption.

The Americans and the Europeans are really not rich. The people are really growing poorer by the day, government personnel and banks are rich because they covertly own the multinationals, but these riches come from the day to day sucking of the global resources. The money they own to their public and to other contracts around the world is too big for them to pay back, when the pay-back time comes or when their internal economies go down, like agri. or jobs, they will tumble down with the whole system; these governments are captured with fear of collapse, hence all the commotion. Neither are China or Japan rich. They are rich because they are the sellers but they need to keep their buyers alive if they want to stay that way; hence their generous bail outs.

What can be done to undo this?If the weapon of your inflictors is lies and intimidation, you can’t really fight that off with all the weapons of the world or on the other hand by going down to any level of compliance to the so-called ideals of the multinational-cult. The more you will comply with their definitions of progress, peace and humanity the more they will raise their bar on you. They will squeeze you to the last drop of your blood and then conspire to blow you out with nuclear, just to wipe the earth clean of your filth. The only way to stand against falsehood is to become firm in truth; all you can do in this war is change your perspective, change your will to comply and that only will do the trick. Intimidation cannot be dealt with by fear and hiding; it can be dealt with only by strength of character and the will to say ‘No’ to ‘plunder’ and ‘being plundered’. If the nation is not willing to stand up for itself, then be my guest and let corrupt inhuman systems rule you for a thousand years more, flipping this policy over that and you won’t be out of this hell ever. They will say ‘give democracy time’, ‘comply with the global community’, ‘pay the carbon-tax’, ‘behave like civilized people’ and ‘free the woman of the clutches of family’ and we will bow down more and more showing our humility in the global stage of puppetry, forgetting that commodities will not bring us the prosperity, if we pay for them by losing dignity, freedom and ownership.