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Evolution - It Simply Doesn't Work

Posted by Aneela Shahzad on

Loads and loads have been written for and against evolution; the conclusion for this essay will be that the case of evolution is built more on political and anti-religion grounds than on grounds of science.

It is true that when Darwin was eagerly awaiting the discovery of the missing links between one species and another, he also considered them the missing links that would strengthen the belief in God on scientific lines. But those who espoused to further the idea of evolution and put their life’s works in it, did that for the opposite reasons; they did not think that many more links and a more elaborate system would call for a more omniscient God, instead they thought they would be able to get rid of any God at all.

One would not have any problem if God wanted to bring forth man out of the seeds of the monkeys, if one thinks that God is simply omnipotent, He can do what He wills; but the problem is, He just didn’t do it that way! And it’s not just the Quran or the other scriptures giving ultimate evidence of how He didn’t, but it is also our sense and our scientific way of thinking that is hindering us. 

This essay will not be dealing with facts related to evolution in any elaborate way, rather it would be impressed upon the reader how evolution is a misfit in our logical way of thinking; how the stubborn insistence to make evolution a part of our belief when the evidence is not complete, seems to be the only track out, for a civilization weary of carrying their God on the cross, and the cross on their neck-laces, for so long; where embracing ‘no God’ is less disgraceful than embracing a God full of faults. 

The theory of evolution has been proven by many, not to hold enough validation to be upheld as a law, still this theory holds so true to the common sense of the western thought that nothing else could be more true; the facts that natural sciences have as yet been unable to give substantial evidence for the possibility of abiogenesis to occur; no case of mutation in DNA has been recorded that accounts for an increase in the information it holds; millions of transitional forms that should have been embedded in successive layers of soil as the hit and trail method of genetic material would be expected to go through gradually in millions of years have not been found, yet the scientific community of the west is willful in putting its faith in the ‘chance’ that all the required evidence will someday originate. 

If the tree of evolution stands on such flimsy grounds, what are the fruits it bears, that make it such a favorite? Is it a golden rule like E=mc2 that stretches existing sciences onto new frontiers? Is it a key that has opened new avenues in technological advances or has it been the bases of many other discoveries? Or has it only been a bone of contention between those who want to pursue the truth for the sake of truth in the scientific community, and those who want science to prove their ideas true at any cost. Has it not served as a divisor of the scientific community into genuine thinkers and crooks? 

Evolutionists are people who believe that the theory of evolution is so true that even if they have to misquote science for it or twist the findings of scientific experiments and inquiries, it is alright, just for the sake of humanity. The same humanity that has been defying the existence of God anyways, by refuting the prophets, by maligning the scriptures and by inflicting the evilest possible atrocities upon fellow humans in the name of God, so that eventually God became the most cruel, insensitive and the most illogical entity ever. When all things that associate with God had been used by the church and the church had been used by the despots, to drain humanity of all its riches, all its moral wealth and brought it to the point where the word religion equals to the word barbarism and the church and the bible signify the disgust and hatred of the common people, that was the time of the coming of the ‘cult of the evolutionist’. The evolutionists were the bridge between irrational belief and common sense; they were the saviors of the humanity living north of the hemisphere, from a total moral death; humanity that had yet been saved by Jesus having hanged himself on the cross; who had died to let his followers be free to sin till eternity, now wanted to kill him again to become gods on their own. Now, eventually, they can do some good, eventually they can use their commonsense and decide for themselves that ‘this is good’ and ‘I am going to do it now’. 

The evolutionist gave his people the courage to nullify the need of God in their thought system, therefore to acquire atheism; when he told them repeatedly that you were not made by God, in the form of a clay doll, with life inspired into it, but you actually genetically reformed into this species through constant mutations in the species of the monkeys; not trying to explain why so many kinds of monkeys are still hanging peacefully on the trees, when the species should have been swarming with mutant deformities, in such a short time of conversion like maybe, from a 100 thousand to 60 thousand years ago; when all the forms found in trees show hardly any mutation from the healthy forms they are in. Well, then, if we have been derived from monkeys, which had been derived from dinosaurs, which had been derived from whales, which had been derived from shrimps, which had been derived from nascent DNA, which had been derived from practically a thunderbolt that stroke a puddle of elementary things that was clueless of its near conversion into life and neither did anyone else know anything about that; then the position of God is regressed to such a remoteness, that neither does He need to know much about you nor do you need Him to interfere in your life. If at all, He exists, you could imagine Him to be a whole fabric of events, unfolding itself in time, changing faces all the time, in search of its own perfection, in the passage of which all events that go by are dispensable experimental results and the only thing that can be said to be truly godly, is what passes successfully from one stage to the other, i.e., survive. So all is good that helps you survive, helps you grab more resources in the competitive world of depleting resources and be ahead of the rest of humanity, physically, technically and in scientific connivance. 

The dependence of evolution on ‘chance’ and the ‘hit and trail’ method of nature, converts God into a self-indulged experimenter, or more so, into ‘the force of nature’ or into a way that matter manifests itself, as one imagines the whole universe to be that self-indulged something with the urge of changing and becoming; under this hypothesis it is fit for man, who considers himself to be at the most advanced state of matter, to experiment as an individual; therefore, the more a person is to enhance his individuality, live himself to the fullest, the more he will experience his oneness with the ultimate truth of all existence. In this house of ‘hit and trail’, nothing is ultimate, nothing is good or bad, all is embraced as material for reactions, all results are cherished as data-bank that would lead to new experimentation. There is no place for shame, disgust and piety, these are the anti-matter that stop man from progress, from change; they tend towards integration when nature’s way is to disintegrate, they tend towards conservation and distribution when nature’s way is origination, change and snatching. 

The evolutionist draws a brutal picture of nature, void of empathy, and invites humanity to make the ways of nature its own ways. Nature acts in a progressive way, with no written plan to follow, it just allows all or the maximum possibilities to occur; and of all the possibilities that have come into existence, it mercilessly discards and insensitively lets buried down the sequence of events whatever it finds unfit to be. Empathy did not bring us here, only our beauty in the eyes of the blind universal force and our physical and intellectual superiority have earned us the right to be, the god of change will not save us from extinction, just because he loves us, but our worth as the best will save us, we will be there as long as we manage to keep at the top of the food-chain. 

Therefore competition and materialism become the vogue of the day, having pity on others will only lessen our chance to survive, empathy was made to aid our success; but to our disaster, we have made it a machine to hinder our progress, to irrationally associate shame to so many traits that could actually help us and to trap ourselves to do for God’s sakes, what He would never have done for us. So redefine empathy, weigh the matters again and see what gives you pleasure, comfort and survival; what gives you the best of life and lets you live it to the fullest, that is empathy; it is what feels good, what gives you the assurance of life and control. 

The evolutionist is also taking away the future of humanity as such, even if you are at the top of the food chain now, you won’t be for long; because the universal driving force has always worked on the principle of ‘change’ and it’s not going to stop now, the old species will eventually give way to the new ones, either you will change or something else will change into something better than you. So what is the future of humanity on this earth at best, a change into another form, a mutant form, slowly transforming into a totally new form. But this time, man can have a hand in his own evolution, he is such a possessor of intelligence that nature can allow him to act to that extent; already theories are being put forth how man will transform into a superman by implanting high-tech chips in his brain, making him capable to see more, do more, hence become much more powerful than what he is now. When such a species will evolve within mankind, how will it deal with its own degraded unchanged form? Will it strive to save it or will it haste to it near annihilation? Will the common man not become for them, what chimps are for us today?

As the future of man becomes bleak in this world, so does his future in the heavens, readied for him by his God, as he was His prized creation, pops off into thin air, as he is not a prized creation after all, he is just an intermediate, dispensable mutation. 

Politicians, who are always at the top of the food-chain, espouse such a theory, they believe in it; the moral of this theory suits their moral of the ‘survival of the fittest’ well. It helps them make humanity understand that they are the have-nots because they are incapable, less intelligent and it is their fate, because they mutated this way, to be subservient to the higher mutants, just like all lower forms are subservient to their higher in nature. They invite humanity to ‘take it if they can’ when covertly they make sure that they will be never allowed to; because they are too human to sense their cunning; too human to greed as much as they can greed, ready to kill and rob for power; the lowly human will keep sticking to bare survival, in their run for survival in this catastrophic hell of ‘change’. 

Evolution has served science but little, it has only been an exercise for mind to wrestle in the dark, to find possibility where there is none; many a times scientists have gone into deceitful situations but they haste back on the very sign of doubt; but evolution has struck some of our scientists as opium, they will not come out of this black-hole, no matter how many ropes you throw in. 

However, this theory is fit in another way, it has partaken in the evolution of human thought. Humanity, that has always believed in the interference of a supernatural and worshipped it in one form or another, however irrationally, yet has kept answering this natural inclination of his inner-self. Only now, with the help of the evolutionist, has mankind been able to mutate out of this subjectively inner voice; this thought, this idea has bared man from his long-cherished trait of nobility. 

Behold, only the super-humans, will have these mutations, they will bear the appendages of change, they will hold the reins of power, they will ready themselves with gadgets implanted into their bodies and brains, they will make sure that they have no pity in their hearts; while the rest of the extinct-able humanity will, keeping to their dear gods, ready themselves for their mass-sacrifice for Superman.