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Dissecting the Two Nation Theory

Posted by Aneela Shahzad on

Does the historical context of the two nation theory start with Sir Syed and end at Jinnah, does the ideology of Pakistan stand on a quick-sand of fallible men? Today there is confusion in the minds of Pakistanis as to why this country was made and whether or not is it dispensable.

The modern scientific historians have become habitual like their scientist friends to dissect repeatedly the object under observation, until it gets to its tiniest possible form. While doing so they face the danger of losing touch with the big picture. Like the biologist who wanted to study the nature of the cell but every time he brought it under his microscope, it was dead, as it had been cut off from the whole. This is the gift of the scientific way of inquiry, by which, inevitably, the atom takes precedence over the heap of matter, the individual over the nation and the event over the movement; a study of lifeless trans-sections, taken out and away from the context of the whole.

This is exactly what the modern scientific historians are doing; they are taking the perception of their readers from Millat to state to province to ethnicity; from faith to culture to language to the local festival. So that at every step of introverting one loses more and more the grip of the whole. Specialization in a ‘particular’ makes the mind numb of the subject in whole; surgical scrutiny stales the vibrancy of a lively nation.

The history, religion and identity of a Muslim nation starts from Adam. Anyone who has doubt in the existence of Adam is cut off from the Muslim nation, and anyone who espouses the Darwinian account of man’s arrival on earth, is cut off from the Muslim state. The history, religion and identity of the Muslim nation goes back to Noah and Hud, anyone who is inclined to take them as fictional characters of a fairytale is cut off from the Muslim belief system.

What religion, do these great men, called the prophets, represent? It appears to be, that there have always been two religions in the history of humanity, striving side by side; one religion based on one God and truth and the other religion based on more gods and falsehood. One religion based on equality under one God and one, same law for all, for which the prophets usually fought all their lives and were adversely opposed, especially by the chieftains/kings and by the community in general; and the other religion based on more, lesser gods that have the capacity of being manipulated, by man-gods therefore allowing a system of hierarchy, wherein the populace is again trapped into subjugation.

This other more permanently prevailing religion, is the same one as we have all around the world today, a religion that allows commixing of other ideas with the idea of God; all type of religion that eventually allows man to be his own god, that allows him to decide what is to be done, what is right and wrong; where man has been given the grace to do as he will and consider his own choice the highest good; any type of religion that makes man the intelligent one and makes God the passive, vague, cosmic, thin air type who has no say in anything and awaits man to unwind all his anomalies by himself, while He lovingly passes his smile onto him from a remote place; any religion that promotes fetishism(associating power to an object/person) or idol-worship or shamanism as approaches towards God, thereby allowing intermediate worship and intercession. All these types of belief systems, where God cannot give direct orders, or His orders have been blotched and can stand no more, these are all the different types falling in one category: falsehood. These religions are the religions of the status-co, people in charge of power and resources all over the world allow such religions to prevail because all of them have the big loop-hole that allows the king-class, the super-class to flourish, so all these systems supplement each other, can live together in peace, can secularize.

Then what is this one true religion, espoused by all prophets, the religion of the minority, based on one, lone God? And in its most modern form represented by His specific command, the Quran and the explanatory life of Muhammad; how is it different? It is different because of its unalterable one-word agenda, because its word is infallible, because it considers man to possess knowledge and agency but not above the knowledge and agency of God, because it has no loop-holes, for man to manipulate the will and ideals of other men. This lonely religion also has the ability to secularize the whole humanity under it, but under one God, with equality for all, with constant return of resources to the people, with a way of life that puts limits on free-will and free-action so that all can live peacefully, in land and in the heart.

This religion brings the most dynamic message, the message for man to face God by the face, without intercession, it joins the strings of man’s soul with the strings that go through the vastness of the universe, the strings that weave a multi-dimensional web that connects everything with everything and bind that everything with an Omnipresent. Therefore this message is opposed to all kinds of status-co, even those that prevail inside Muslims societies, all thing that make hierarchy between God and man, anything that divides the one-word agenda into different words, anything that loses the unity under one God and His one command, anything that creates loop-holes for Pharaoh-ism to return; are the things that differentiate the two nations of humanity.

The Two Nation Theory therefore is the separation of the Muslim minority from the prevailing status-quo of the world or of any country, that prevailing air might call itself modern, liberal and progressive, but inwardly it strives for letting down humanity as a whole, converting it into a passive workforce serving the man-gods. The Muslim minority is of the intellect, the knowledgeable; but knowledge here in the eyes of God is not scientific knowledge, that breaks and kills the whole, but it is knowledge that can bind the bits and pieces into a whole picture, the true picture, which the Creator has painted in the clouds and the stars, in the oceans and the fish, in the mountains and the trees, in the galaxies of the far and the web and walls of the universe, a picture most implausible to the skeptic but most plausible to the common sense of humanity.

The Two Nation Theory is an alarm for the upholders of faith; you are a separate nation as long as you are faithful to your one God, His Book and His last Prophet not because this last prophet is the only one we love but because he is the last man to hold the beacon of light, the light that is to remain the last hope of purity onto eternity; we, who uphold them, uphold that light amidst the darkness, a light that is to pass on, to every coming generation, we are the hope of the last hope.