Afridi the Fall Guy - US/Espionage  - Terrorism

Afridi the Fall Guy - US/Espionage

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The courts in Pakistan have eventually given their verdict on Dr. Afridi’s case. They have concluded that:

  1. The Doctor has not been put to trial for covertly aiding the US, in the bin Laden case.(as this issue does not fall in the jurisdiction of this particular court)
  2. Nor on running a fake vaccination program
  3. He has been convicted for aiding the Lashkar-e-Islam a previously unknown terrorist organization.
  4. Aiding its leader Mangal Bagh with 14,000 pounds (British currency) and
  5. Providing medical care to various militant commanders and holding meetings with them shortly before attacks on government check post.

It is understandable to the Pakistani people that the government having to take a diplomatic stance in the world community and to avoid the scrutiny of its friend, the US government, had to shift their stance from the WOT to the internal scenario of the country. But we know that there are innumerable terror organizations infested in the country and their innumerous aides that are not put to trial even when the state is aware, perhaps because Pakistan in the greed of foreign aid has trapped itself into a complex net of compliance and dependency. So why was Afridi put to trial? The answer is, only because, it was a matter of the nation’s sovereignty and the trust of the people. But there is more to the case than meets the eye at first sighting:

Vaccination and DNA Testing?

The most intriguing part of the case is of the CIA making a fake vaccination plan with a Doctor at work in the Jamrud hospital, a town near the Afghan border. The Doctor’s colleagues at the hospital reported their suspicions about the absence of Dr. Shakeel Afridi, the hospital’s chief surgeon, which he had explained as “business” to attend to, in Abbottabad. Dr. Afridi was accused of having taken half a dozen World Health Organization cooler boxes without authorization. The containers are for inoculation campaigns, but no immunization drives were underway in Abbottabad or the Khyber agency.

For most of us who don’t know, DNA testing is done extensively for the purpose of matching a child’s DNA to a parent’s or vice versa, for this the DNA samples of both the child and the parent is essentially required, as it is basically a comparison of both. Even in remote tracing of a sibling to its grandparents, it requires samples of both grandparents, both parents and at least two siblings, for the results to be conclusive, the absence of any of these members would only give an unreliable result. Therefore DNA testing is used in modern countries to confirm the child’s relation to its family for legal proceedings and of the criminal to the crime scene, which again is never relied upon discretely, i.e. the judge cannot pass a verdict on DNA evidence alone and in absence of other evidence related to the case. That too, in a setup, where extensive data-bank of the whole population is already available, for after all, it is all based upon comparison.

So if the CIA had the whole Data bank of the bin Laden family, which it cannot have, as under US legislature any DNA data collector is not allowed to collect samples from other countries, they would be conducting an illegal mission. Osama’s own DNA would also be vitally important in that case but one can reckon the chances they would have had to take his swab when they haven’t been friends with him for the last 15 years at least, OR have they been!

All this given, even then it is hard to understand a Dr. Afridi, carrying six boxes of vaccine and swabs, on a short leave to Abbottabad, being able to collect samples of all the infants living in Abbottabad, as the data bank would require comparison with each eligible individual of the whole population OR the other option would be that he was to know exactly where the family was and took their swab samples. But we know that was not possible because the Doctor was the one who found the family in the first place, sent their DNA and waited for the results. And did he send the thousands and thousands of other samples that he would be collecting day and night, did he send them through domestic air packaging or did he have to load them on loaders that would go to the NATO forces in Afghanistan and then to the US through the long route of the NATO containers OR were the CIA officials collecting each sample from him by hand at every street.

So make a wild guess, why this inquiry does not fall in the jurisdiction of the lower courts of the country, because it does not fall in the jurisdiction of common sense, because DNA testing is an international hoax.

Why is America Aggravated:

So if Afridi was actually used by the US only as a scapegoat, why are they so aggrieved, are they not having their men killed every day, for the higher purpose; is collateral damage not endured in the dozen and the hundreds every day. If Afridi was so important to them, why did they pronounce him so strongly as their link; so that the mole would be identified and captured; perhaps a held Afridi was more appropriate to US interest then a free Afridi would be. What would they have done with him, free; put a medal on his neck and fed the traitor with US welfare money for the rest of his life; business doesn’t work that way.

Yes the greater purpose of the ‘US interest’ is upheld if the fall guy remains fallen, for upon his fallen body the US can put its foot and aim at the state of Pakistan, higher.

What has the US not done to destabilize Pakistan in the last 10 years, it has allowed numerous terror plotter of all origins to infiltrate through the porous border between Pak and Afgan, by criminally neglecting the 1640 mile long Durand line, which could be easily sealed and should have had first preference as a petty but vital expenditure from the billions of dollar expended every year. But, in spite all this infiltration, the state carried on. They tried to uproot us culturally and tried to affect our education policy by intimidating our government. They tried to shock us with the bin Laden hoax, but we carried on as a nation; they killed our men in uniform at Salala to sever our national honour, but the nation did not defect. They have conducted all experiments recommended by their think tanks, to break a nation of 18 crore from the inside, but it just doesn’t break! Though it is a matter of thinking whether it is to be taken as a virtue or simply a vice of the 18 crore.

Since the Salala mishap, the US has found their feet strangled in the ditch they had been digging for Pakistan all this time. The superimposed stature of the US as a global superpower has suffered repeated dilemma. According to Professor June Teufel Dreyer, “A superpower must be able to project its power, soft and hard, globally.” So if/when it faces any other power, which dares to sever this projection, it has to either make it comply or smash it completely; in order to maintain its hegemony as the most powerful. The scholars of politics know that US has long failed as a real superpower, but it still maintains its position by its added armour of deceptions and intimidation. This is exactly what the US has come down to in the case of Pakistan; we have said ‘NO’ to a superpower, it has been severed, it is not finding the power in itself to smash us, it has had to come down to measly ways: of begging to have their routes open; of intimidating the powerless puppets it had set on our thrones; of giving India undue appraisal against us socially, economically and strategically; of threatening us via Baluchistan and so forth, but to no avail.

Now, they have to bend to the last bitter way, that they would never have tried, i.e. threatening to cut off our aid; what if it’s really cut, how will they intimidate us then, how will they dictate us anymore?

Afridi! You didn’t know all this, did you; you are their hero, but only if your throat has been cut; you are their 9/11, which they will present to their public to gain consent; to inflict Pakistan to the extreme possible. But it will remain a tug of war between Afridi and the aid package; because if Pak does not comply and the aid is cut, the US is bound to attack us, if it has to maintain its global hegemony; if Pak complies it will have to open the routes and hand over Afridi and face a disgraced 18 crore and international shame. Let us see if, what Rohrabacher has boosted, as he said, ‘I am sure Pakistan will hand Afridi to us, soon’ comes true or it goes back as a slap on his face for disgracing our nation.

Afridi’s Verdict:

Afridi faces a 33 year sentence for befriending Mangal Bagh, transferring money to him and treating injured terrorists. Though the terrorist outfit denounces these claims of Courts and Pakistani authorities but still Pakistan hit two targets with one bullet. He has not been charged for helping the CIA; the courts never asked him this question, so that he had no chance of saying that ‘he did not aid them’. This was done for a reason; the US would have been left with no theory to explain the binLadin attempt, and Pakistan would be left with no reason to comply with the world community and the US on a hoax War of Terror and Secondly Pakistan helped the observers to make an attempt for finding out links between CIA and Terrorists Outfits working to destabilize Pakistan. Afridi was “Disposed off” by CIA, but Pakistan, perhaps managed to “Recycle” him.