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US Wants to Return Gitmo Prisoners to Malaysia - Retrospect .

US Wants to Return Gitmo Prisoners to Malaysia

Posted by Raphaydeena on

The Obama administration is negotiating with Malaysia over a deal to repatriate a Guantánamo Bay detainee accused of being part of Bali bombings that killed 202 people, including 7 Americans & Jakarta bombing that killed 11 people & wounded 140.

The deal is that Mr. Zubair will plead guilty of terrorism before an American military commission and agree to testify against Mr. Lillie and Mr. Hambali , two other detainees, and Malaysia will call Mr.Zubair on the bases of this confession. There are 30 Malaysians in Gitmo, who are still considered dangerous, but the US might want to return them all.

All is good in the apparent, but little retrospect will show the evil picture. Remember the Renditions that took place in Libya, when the CIA returned a number of terrorist to Gadhafi and how later they got out of prison, made the LIFG and toppled the government. Same thing happened in Yemen, when several Yemenis given back to Saudi Arabia for trials escaped prison and found their way back to Yemen where they founded the AQAP.

Malaysia must think of prisoner-return as a matter of its sovereignty but must also not be oblivion to the possibility of these returnees would have become CIA-assets in their 10yrs stay in Gitmo. In that case, these assets will not be abandoned once they have reached the target state rather ensuring mission-accomplish will be part of CIA plan.

You never know, as US administration faces dismay in the Pacific and has announced rollback of the TPP agreement, what the CIA would plan next to assert its presence in states that may undermine US-interests.

And don’t forget, the Defense Department transferred 15 detainees—12 Yemenis and 3 Afghan - from Gitmo to UAE, partners in crime, for appropriate re-location, in August.