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Libya - Perfect Playground for 5TH Generation Warfare - Retrospect ...

Libya - Perfect Playground for 5TH Generation Warfare

Posted by Raphaydeena on

Features that define 5th Gen. Warfare are its being highly technically sophisticated, it’s being extremely covert and it’s being operated remotely with minimum, super-equipped boats-on-ground. And Libya being a war-torn land with complete media blackout makes it a playground for USAFCOM to perfect its anti-human practices.

Since August US/NATO has started a new operation in Libya. Operation Odyssey Lightning has already made 368 strikes in Sirte, in support of the Government of National Accord. The GNA consists of a handful of men, who were ferried to a naval compound in Tripoli in March, under the UN/US-backed treaty. No Libyan faction supports them, but they have support of Joint Operations Rooms set for helping GNA.

According to a C4ISR report, these Joint Op. Rooms have UVDS (Unified Video Dissemination System program), which provides video intelligence from anywhere in the world, requiring only a web browser. DOD gets full motion video (FMV) feeds and precise position location from manned and unmanned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance platforms, whether by land, air, or sea vessels – made possible by constantly roaming drones and sorties collecting data from air.

This superior knowledge of real time situation allows DOD to conduct planned attacks against targets, but this does not reduce collateral damage that the bombing will produce in terms of people killed and wounded and infrastructure destroyed amidst densely populated cites.  The moral of 5GW is that lives of AFRICOM Forces have become more expensive and safer while the lives of the target population has become cheaper - and while remoteness does not rid one from the guilt of murder but it does give the killers complete impunity.

US uses UAS bases from Niger & Djibouti to fly MQ-9 Reaper ISR sorties, Reapers flown out of Tunisia conduct unarmed ISR missions while the armed Reaper missions are conducted from Naval Air Station Sigonella, on Sicily. So Africa is united under AFRICOM when it comes to destroying lives & livelihoods of an innocent population. This is precisely the ideology of AFRICOM, which was idealized by its conceivers as a body of command that will have least bases on ground & would coordinate/use capabilities of ally states to complete missions – meaning AFRICOM will be capable of swiftly attacking ground targets all around Africa but will not make ground-bases for itself that could ever be attacked.