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Mosul Offensive – Mass Slaughter of Iraqis - Retrospect .

Mosul Offensive – Mass Slaughter of Iraqis

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Mosul Offensive – Mass Slaughter of Iraqis

The Mosul Offensive was launched on 17 October

Before the Offensive the Iraqi government dropped millions of leaflets over the city imploring civilians to remain in their homes. In 2015 the population of Mosul city was estimated to be 664,221, while urban surroundings may be holding up to 1,500,000. Mosul is already strife with lost livelihoods, disrupted food production and supply; schools and medical facilities are out of work; electricity and water supply are most of the time disrupted.

A force of 100,000 fighters mostly Shia, Kurdish & some Christian have besieged the city.

The number of ISIS fighters in Mosul is generally estimated to be 20,000.

To pinpoint 20,000 men mixed in 1.5million people is not a workable plan, and the longer the Baghdad-led forces sit outside Mosul besieging the city, the more volatile the rebels will become and the more they will kill and terrorize civilians. And this is exactly what is happening!

No doubt Counter-Terrorism is a difficult affair, but there are some examples of success. Two such are in Sri Lanka & Pakistan, where large swaths of populated areas were vacated and later rehabilitated, in order to capture terrorist. This is indeed an expensive and painstaking method but it is the only way to minimize civilian casualties.

But it seems that the Iraqi Forces trained & assisted by US/NATO, the world’s largest military machine & also backed by Iranian advisors & trainers had no idea of counter-terrorism techniques. What they did was to deliberately trap 1.5million civilians, mostly Sunni, between 20,000 fanatic and now desperate terrorist and an Army that will use artillery & tanks before they can come out to find who they have killed. In case the people of Iraq are considered human in the UN books, this act will have to be ranked as a genocide, either deliberate or by way of criminal negligence.

The Massacre of Sunnis in Mosul goes on for over 37days now, and there is barely any news on the TV sets. And if the trend is allowed to continue, there may soon come the day when Sunnis, once a majority in Iraq, become the smallest minority.