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Iraq, Mosul & WMDs -Finally Found! - Retrospect .

Iraq, Mosul & WMDs -Finally Found!

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(Pic shows U.S. Marines in Fallujah, Iraq, November 12, 2004. AP photo)

Iraq, Mosul & WMDs -Finally Found!

On Aug 17, 2016, the Foreign Policy featured an article by the heading ‘How the Islamic State Seized a Chemical Weapons Stockpile’.

The article said that in Nov 2012, Al Nusra attacked Regiment 111 in Syria and seized a cache of chemical weapons, mostly barrels filled with Chlorine, Sarin & Mustard Gas.

It further said ‘But in mid-August 2013… ISIS had emerged from the split with the Nusra Front in possession of the chemical weapons seized at Regiment 111 — and that it was now using them against its enemies’.

On Nov 22, 2016 WaPo published a Report ‘Islamic State has used chemical weapons 52 times in Iraq and Syria since 2014’.

And now amidst the Mosul Offensive it is being speculated that ISIS will use Chemical Weapons in Mosul as it is forced to retreat.

We are sure the UN must be shivering in fear of human rights abuse in Mosul, but surely it must step aside for the noble cause of … ridding Iraq of the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, perhaps by allowing the killing of over 3million Sunnis Iraqis (maybe because anyone of them could become a new Saddam).

The question is – the US waged a full war on the people of Iraq only to find that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq – and now after 13 years of intervention WMDs are freely floating in the streets of Iraq – who is responsible?

And before US intervention, in Saddam’s time there were no known terrorist in Iraq – now there are hundreds of groups – and they have been controlling most of Iraq – so who harbors terrorist?

We know that in Nov. 2012 Syrian National Coalition, made of opposition groups in the Syrian Civil War was formed in Qatar, this was backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman and these were the ‘good rebels’ the Obama administration openly supported.

Initially the ‘good rebels’ were the Free Syrian Army, in 2013 (April, May) fighters from FSA ran over to the Islamic Front and Al Nusra because these were better equipped and well-funded, by the same backers. And in August, ISIS is born out of al Nusra, and ISIS spreads equally in Iraq and Syria, and fighters ran to ISIS, obviously because it was richer!

So what should the common man conclude when he reads that first alNusra got the WMDs & then the WMDs went to the ISIS? Why did the Western and Middle Eastern Backers not demand the rebels to hand over the WMDs immediately?

Umm, not to worry a lot, if you remember… In 2005, Italian film-maker Sigfrido Ranucci released a documentary about the 2004 Fallujah Offensive, named ‘Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre’, which showed how the US Army had used chemical weapons such as white phosphorus, napalm etc. on civilians, massacring 50,000 to100,000 people in Fallujah.

The odd guess is, Saddam/Assad never the motive to use WMDs on own people!