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South Sudan Genocide

Posted by Raphaydeena on

(pic show Silva Kirr and Reik Machar)

Few days ago UN chief Ban Ki-moon issued a plea to security council to impose arms embargo on the African country (S Sudan), amid fears of escalating violence.

But many doubt that an arms embargo would do much good!


Why is South Sudan, a country born just 5years ago with the backing of the US, constantly in a civil war situation. Rebel leaders who had fought long wars against Sudan for separation have now become the new leaders of this young state. Silva Kirr the President and Rek Machar the Vice President were both former rebel leaders.

Here's a little history: In 2013 Reik was dismissed from office by President Salva Kiir. In April 2016 Reik is made Vice President again. On the 11 July outbreak of 4-day spate of political violence in Juba, Reik fled from capital with his rebel fighters. On 27 July Salva Kirr removed him from office. UN says, more than 37,000 have flee South Sudan for Uganda in that spat of violence.

The reason why an arms embargo won't do any good to stop the civil war is that all the weapons coming to the rebels are illegally smuggled in the country from the gray market. One of the main conduit of this supply is neighboring Israel. In August 2015, UN issued a Report saying that Israeli Supply of Small Arms & Light Weapons is Fueling South Sudan Civil War. In response of which Israel said it has good relations with both Salva Kiir & Dr. Riek Machar.

So after Sudan's division, again rebel forces in both Sudan and South Sudan are being fueled with more weapons by the same suppliers who help the breaking of Sudan earlier.

Who benefits from the destabilization of Sudan and South Sudan and the genocide of their people? This is a question we must ponder upon!