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Islamic Military Alliance, Gen.Raheel Sharif & Yemen Test Case - Retrospect .

Islamic Military Alliance, Gen.Raheel Sharif & Yemen Test Case

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Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire in 1914, in the aftermaths of WW1, Muslim around the world have felt the need of unity. Sadly after WW1 Turkey & Saudi Arabia refused to lead the Muslim World & all the other countries were driven by the effects of the Cold War into the US or USSR camps.

Now as the plague of Terrorism & the Arab Spring have shattered the whole Muslim World & as Saudi Arabia & the Gulf States found their reliance over the US to win them victories in the Middle East has failed – Saudi Arabia has made the much desirable, NATO-like, 39-state, Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism, IMAFT.

Unconfirmed news about Pakistan’s Gen. Raheel Sharif taking charge of the Alliance has surfaced. The General has made clear at the onset that he would want a position of an arbitrator between the belligerent groups in the Middle East rather than “abetting one single fighting group”.

The General has already shown his popularity & skills of mediation in the Yemen War case as Iran, although weary of the Alliance, has assured to accept the General as a mediator in view of the circumstances in Yemen. Iran has promised to try to bring the Houthi rebels on negotiating terms.

IMAFT was created in Dec 2015, since its inception there have been a Pakistan-Turkey Joint Air Exercise, the Tusap Raiders & a Pakistan-Saudi Joint Exercise, Al-Shihab in Oct 2015 & a Pakistan-Bahrain Joint Naval Exercise, Shaheen & Pakistan-Bahrain joint Military Exercise - Al-Badar-1 in Jan. 2016.

Moreover the Alliance increases the deterrence of Pakistan’s Nuclear arsenal as the country become part & protector of 39 countries.

We hope and pray that IMAFT will undo many of the wrongs that Muslim countries have done to each other at the behest of Western partners. And pray that the people of Yemen be soon liberated from war & begin the much needed economic reforms to bring the people out from poverty and suffering.