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Is US planning a revival of Al Qaeda? - Retrospect ..

Is US planning a revival of Al Qaeda?

Posted by Raphaydeena on

Is US planning a revival of Al Qaeda?

Here are two potential Heroes to look for in coming Al Qaeda Season!

Hamza Bin Laden (son of OBL) & Ibrahim Al-Banna have been designated as global terrorists & were added to the U.S. counter-terrorism blacklist on Thursday.

After humiliating defeats in Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria, where their proxy-wars via AlQaeda & its other faces, has the US learnt a lesson OR is it bent to play the same card yet again! Will they refuel the same wars or go to new targets? Like Somalia or Turkey (where terror attacks are increasing)?

This is only an apprehension, but it’s only lame to not expect the worst from the US.

Hamza bin Laden in his mid-20s now, released an audio in May 2016, uttering the same AlQaeda rhetoric, inviting Jihadists to Syria, saying, the “blessed Syrian revolution” had made the prospect of “liberating” Jerusalem more likely. “The Islamic Ummah should focus on jihad in Syria… and unite the ranks of mujahedin”.

Ibrahim al-Banna also called Abu Ayman al-Masri is Egyptian-born AQAP leader. In 2011 US claimed to kill him along with Anwar al-Awlaki & his son. Earlier he was member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad & latter escaped to Yemen.

The US State Dept. is accustomed to declare terrorists dead & then alive all the time. It is easy to make up stories for things nobody knows exist or not, yet the most empirical nations want the world to believe their words without any solid proofs.

But are we ready to be fooled again, do we want to believe that Al Qaeda is a genuine Islamist movement bent to destroy the Islamic World itself with its foul tactics & not a brainchild of the US & their Gulf & Saudi partners in crime.