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US not in mood of exiting Afghanistan - Retrospect ...

US not in mood of exiting Afghanistan

Posted by Raphaydeena on

US not in mood of exiting Afghanistan.
Fighting increasing in Gray Zone.

The CENTCOM released data last week revealing that US airstrikes rose 40% in Afghanistan in 2016. It said 1,337 weapons were dropped by US forces in Afghanistan in 2016.

We also had reports in July 2016 that US decided to instead of reducing forces, to keep 8,500 Troops & 10,000+ advisors.

We also know from the SIGAR Report that in Afghanistan, the Pentagon has issued large contracts to private firms like Blackwater & IBM that conduct missions & espionage with impunity, as they are not answerable to a military code of conduct.

But Special Operations Forces called the SOCOM & SOF that are part of CENTCOM, a theater-level command, work with even more impunity, as these Special Forces consist of super-equipped, agile 4GW-soilders that are unmatched to the civilian populations that they raid. The data said that in 2016, SOF conducted 350 raids targeting al-Qaeda & Islamic State.

But the truth is that al-Qaeda & ISIS, both CIA productions, exist only in remnants in Afghanistan, which is largely controlled by the Taliban (a freedom movement, not a terrorist org). And the US forces are actually trying to crush the Taliban (undeclared enemy) by all these means – yet so far, in spite of all their high-tech, they have utterly failed.

An undeclared war against undeclared enemy, using tactics beyond ethics of war, is called a Gray Zone - and that's what the US wants to turn the world into.

So how does one expect a Freedom Movement that has been raided at least once every day and bombed at least twice everyday – to come to peace-talks & moreover trust their opponents.

This also shows that the US exit-strategy was a hoax & US does not plan to leave anytime soon.