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Blackwater & US Conduct of War - Now in CAR - Retrospect .

Blackwater & US Conduct of War - Now in CAR

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Blackwater & US Conduct of War
Now in CAR

Daily Beast reported this week “A mercenary air force that became a symbol of US occupation of Iraq is back in action—this time in Central Africa, supporting a shadowy American US Special Forces commando operation targeting the Lord’s Resistance Army”.

LRA was formed in Uganda in 1987, the US designated it a terrorist org. only after 9/11 2001. Since Juba peace talks, 2006, LRA no longer operate in Uganda. Sources claim they now operate in DRCongo, Central African Republic or South Sudan.

Blackwater came under international criticism when its mercenaries killed 11 civilians in Iraq in 2007. But US did not back off from a mercenary force that is not obligated to follow the US code of war nor that of the UN & is free to conduct any horrific act (war crime) to accomplish a ‘mission’. Blackwater only changed name to XE & Academi.

May 2014, Center for Public Integrity reported that ‘more than 70 American companies and individuals have won up to $8 billion in contracts for work in postwar Iraq & Afghanistan’. So it won’t be wrong to conclude that US relies more on mercenaries than on regular forces – which shows their true conduct of war – one that has not much regard for basic human rights as per UN Charter.

The 2016 SIGAR Report said ‘$66 billion (were) appropriated by Congress to Department of Defense for Afghan reconstruction’ & ‘Blackwater (Academi) & Northrop Grumman were the largest Pentagon contractors for Afghanistan’.

One recons that US utter failure to bring peace in Iraq & Afghanistan, and the rise of terrorism as a global phenomenon is the only achievement of the US war-plan, if any. The wars in Libya, Syria & Yemen are also being played on the backs of rebel forces – trained & armed by US – Blackwater and the likes have also had large hand in these kind of training too.

So what should we expect from Blackwater ops. in CAR, is Blackwater really looking for Kony & his men there Or accomplishing ugly plans of US to destabilize that region too, more than before & LRA can be comfortably used as a cover to do that