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Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem – a War Crime? - Retrospect ..

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem – a War Crime?

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Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem – a War Crime?

Trump has signaled to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which would mean US acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This would mean that East Jerusalem along with Aqsa Mosque & the Dome of Rock will become Israel’s property. This is not just a crime that defies UN Resolutions but it will potentially provoke a large-scale War between the Muslim/Arab World & Israel.

A Little History –

WW1 (1914) – Britain/France & Allies broke the Ottoman Empire/Occupied most of Muslim World

WW2 (1939) – Post-War Wave of Independence
1947 – Creation of Israel/ Arab World starts waging wars on Israel (a war every decade)

1980 – Iran Iraq War/Arab unity against Israel is decisively broken

2001, 2003 – Invasion of Afghanistan & Iraq

2011 – Arab Spring- Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria perpetually destabilized

Today in 2017, Israel may be feeling very secure amidst a bloodied & torn Arab World. It seems that the Arabs have completely lost it in their battle with a diseased part of their selves & may never rise back to their feet again. But what if the war-call is from Israel & US this time! How will the Islamic world behave against a well-defined enemy they always love to hate!

Remember when war, oppression & indignation are commonplace, frustrated youth is more willing to join the ranks – especially when the direction is clear & undoubted

Meanwhile it would do well for Palestine to request the newly formed Islamic Military Alliance to deploy a peace-keeping mission in Palestine, in wake of possible retaliatory attacks, over the Green-Line between East and West Jerusalem