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Erdagon Europe Hostility - Retrospect .

Erdagon Europe Hostility

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Erdagon Europe Hostility

Europe has been specially scorned of Turkey since it changed sides from coalition with US/NATO to banding up with Russia & Iran for a peace deal in Syria.

Feb 28 – Deniz Yücel, Turkish-German journalist for Die Welt, formally arrested on order of Turkish judge, pending trial on charges of propaganda and incitement to hatred.

March 1 – German political parties put pressure on Merkel to ban Erdagon’s entry into Germany

March 5 – Several German municipalities cancelled Turkish cabinet ministers rallies in support of a referendum next month on constitutional reform. 1.4 million Turks living in Germany are eligible to vote. Erdoğan called the German act ‘likening its stance to Nazi practices’.

March 9 – Merkel says, ‘Turkey’s accusations of “Nazi-style practices” in Germany cannot be tolerated and need to stop’.

March 12 - In Netherlands, Turkish family affairs minister detained by authorities to prevent her addressing a Rotterdam rally - Turkish authorities seal off Dutch embassy & consulate

Erdagon speaks to rally in Istanbul: 'you can stop our foreign minister's plane all you want, let's see how your (diplomatic) planes will come to Turkey from now on’, 'They do not know politics or international diplomacy. These Nazi remnants, they are fascists'.

March 11 - Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu tells CNN Turk TV that his country is prepared to once again allow migrants passage into Europe if Turks are not permitted to travel in the European Union (EU) visa-free as agreed upon - EU’s failure to uphold its part of the agreement entered into last March jeopardized Turkey’s will to keep migrants from crossing through Turkey into Greece.
He said, “and either it will all be canceled, including the visa liberalization and migrant deal, or it will all be implemented”.

It seems like Erdagon is single-handedly unsettling Europe after Europe finds itself already weak with economic set-backs and issues like brexit, migrant crisis & retreats in Syria & Iraq.