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Trump the Con-Man - Retrospect .

Trump the Con-Man

Posted by Raphaydeena on

Trump the Con-Man

The American people have elected a complete Bag of Lies and Trickeries for their new president

How Trump expect to win friends by way of lies, insult and threats – is amazing

Social Media being flooded with how US has constructed fake-news regarding Syria - & the fact that US has used False Flags & Major Lies in attacking Afghanistan & Iraq - & how US NGOs were behind the Arab Spring – it is becoming harder for humanity to swallow US Lies anymore!

Presently no amount of threats seem to effect Russia to make it go back on the claim that the ‘Sarin Gas attack in Syria was a False Flag orchestrated by the US itself’ - Trump has said that ‘US-Russia relations are at all-time low’ but it is actually US diplomacy that has gone all time low!

First of all Trump re-gathered old US allies of the Middle East to reassert the ‘War on Terror’!

Second he insults Chinese Premier Xi, when he announces attack on Syrian Airbase, just minutes before his meeting – in the meeting he tells Xi that he will solve the North Korea issue with or without him!

Third the attack on Syria, lying again that he has positive evidence of Syrian involvement, calls Assad an ‘animal’!

Fourth, at the G7 meeting, Saudi Arabian, Qatari & Gulf envoys are also called to give statements that ‘Assad’s time is over’

And lastly, Tillerson reaches Moscow hailing that Russia will have to choose between ‘Assad and the Rest of the World’

As expected Tillerson gets a cold shoulder in Moscow as Moscow insisted on a full inquiry over the Sarin Attacks by The Hague

Unwise Trump should know better that winners don’t give up to threats – lies & threats are going to come back to you as slaps on the face now!

In present scenario, letting Assad go would be a matter of losing prestige in the global community - & Russia will not let that happen even if it has no interest in Assad otherwise!

Pic: In interview with New York Times, Trump said U.S. is a “big stupid bully”, exactly what he is himself”