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Afghanistan Mother Of All Bombs Attack - Retrospect ..

Afghanistan Mother Of All Bombs Attack

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Afghanistan Mother Of All Bombs Attack
Those who get killed are called ‘Militants’

US drops biggest non-nuclear weapon ever: 21,000lb bomb - GBU-43 bomb/ 30 feet long/ contains 11 tons of explosives/ has a mile-wide blast radius

US claims of targeting a ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan, Afghan Ministry of Defense claims the blast killed 36 militants

The bomb can create a blast crater more than 300 meters wide after being dropped from a Hercules MC-130 cargo plane
Trump pledged in 2015 that if he became president he would 'bomb the s**t out of ISIS - Trump has called the bombing 'another successful job’

But what the US-controlled media doesn’t tell is that MOAB was hit at the Achin district of Nangarhar Province, which is a Taliban-controlled area not an ISIS one. And that ISIS is a False Flag Construct of the US/India coalition in Afghanistan in the wake of their constant loses against the Afghan Taliban, who are waging a freedom war against US occupation of their soil (Not a Terrorist Org according to the UN).

So in the 15year war in Afghanistan, US or friend India find no control on the lands of the Afghan, in in their frenzy, create ‘red herring’ ISIS, whom they will supposedly be targeting when the real target will be the Taliban.

If this is true, the US will only make the Afghan situation worst for itself and push the peace-dialogue further away. For freedom the Afghan have given 3million lives already & have suffered countless bomb attacks – this time too, it is not likely that they will be threatened – rather their resolve will be strengthened – and their trust on the US would go to a lower negative

pic. satellite imaging videos shows no real time reporting possible in that area