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Trump Wants War with North Korea? - Retrospect ..

Trump Wants War with North Korea?

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Pic shows Carl Vinson Carrier arriving at Sea of Japan

Trump Wants War with North Korea?

Since Trump’s coming to power, US has sanctioned Chinese and Russian individuals/firms for doing business with Iran, North Korea & Syria and has constantly warned N Korea to stop its nuclear tests or face more sanctions.

Yesterday, UN Security Council strongly condemned North Korea's latest missile test and threatened to impose new sanctions against Pyongyang for its "highly destabilizing behavior"

Meanwhile VPres Mike Pence said today that US Nuclear-Capable, Super Aircraft-Carrier Carl Vinson will arrive in the Sea of Japan in days.

Last week US Navy announced that Singapore & US will hold a new bilateral naval exercise in Guam in August.

China, who always tries to maintain a balance between its relations with NKorea and the US, has also warned that tensions on the Korean Peninsula could spin out of control. China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi said, “The US, South Korea & North Korea are engaging in tit for tat, with swords drawn and bows bent, and there have been storm clouds gathering”

In retaliation from N Korea, top spokesman of Korean Army said last week, ‘Trump administration, which made a surprise guided cruise-missile strike on Syria on April 6, has entered the path of open threat and blackmail’

Since January, when Trump got elected, he was facing a growing public disliking for him & US think tanks were talking about an Isolationist America in the coming future. Early this April Trump ordered strikes on a Syrian Air Base and at the same time started aggressive moves against N Korea – is all this really the new US Foreign Policy – or are these stunts meant to gain cheap popularity at the home-front?

Trump must know better, War with N Korea is not going to be just one war, when the South China Sea Issue is already hot in the region. Trump’s insanity can only be capable to push the war-button but where it will end – is no one’s guess!