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Taliban Fighters Kill 140 to 200 Afghan Soldiers - Retrospect .

Taliban Fighters Kill 140 to 200 Afghan Soldiers

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Pic of Taliban Freedom Fighters

Taliban Fighters Kill 140 to 200 Afghan Soldiers

Taliban fighters killed 140 to 200 Afghan Soldiers at Army Base in Dihdadi district of Balkh yesterday, in the deadliest single attack against an army base since the war began 16 years ago. A Taliban spokesman said as many as 500 soldiers were killed in the attack

Remember on April 15, US bombed a Taliban-controlled region in south Afghanistan with the Mother of All Bombs, the biggest non-nuclear weapon ever: 21,000lb bomb - GBU-43 bomb/ 30 feet long/ contains 11 tons of explosives/ has a mile-wide blast radius. The US claimed it was targeting the ISIS, and the Afghan Ministry of Defense said the blast killed 36 militants

Well, no one can say for sure how many were killed by the MOAB, but it was capable of killing much more than a mere 36 people – but there are reports that several senior Taliban leaders were killed in that attack

While US sources claim that only 26,000 people have died in the 15yrs long war - in his book ‘Body Count: Global Avoidable Mortality’, Professor Gideon Polya writes, ‘total avoidable Afghan deaths since 2001 under ongoing war and occupation-imposed deprivation amount to around 3 million people, about 900,000 of whom are infants under five’

So who are the real murderers?

The irony is that knowing very well that the freedom fighters will retaliate the US – the US has since long arranged to have trained Afghanis as soldiers for the Afghan Army and to place them at all fronts, while placing their own men in safe green zones. So practically the US has pitted Afghan’s against Afghans, and using the Afghan soldiers as human-shield to protect themselves & their dirty interests. Thats why Gen. John Nicholson has requested a few thousand additional American soldiers to assist in training Afghan recruits

So who causes the deaths?

While killing of all sorts is condemnable – but waging a war on another nation is biggest barbaric offense – and Afghans Have the Right to Defense!