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Israel Attacks Syria Again & Again - Retrospect ...

Israel Attacks Syria Again & Again

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Israel Attacks Syria Again & Again

There is a long list of Israel’s airstrikes on Syrian soil. Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights is contested by Syria in the UN. While Israel accuses Syria of harboring Hezbollah, an organization it deems to be terrorists & Syria supports Hezbollah on the pretext that they are fighting a freedom war against Israel

Especially since the Syrian Civil War, Israeli incursions into the war-torn country defy international rules of war, as Israel neither notifies attacks to the Syrian govt. beforehand nor admits its attacks later – rather it simply ‘refuses to comment’

In 2007, Israeli conducted an airstrike on an alleged nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor region of Syria. Later Israel maintained complete silence over the attack. US and IAEA confirmed in their later finding that the site was nuclear!

Israel routinely strikes Hezbollah targets in Syria. E.g. the Mezzeh Air Base has been targeted twice in last few months - Damascus International Airport and 155th Brigade Missile Base (Damuscus) were attacked in 2016. Last month several strikes near Palmyra were made, targeting what Israel said were "advanced weapons" belonging to Hezbollah

Today again a huge explosion hit near Damascus International Airport. Syria has confirmed the strike was from Israel-controlled Golan Heights

As usual Israel’s military declined to comment. Israeli intelligence minister has said ‘the blast was in line with his government’s policy…’ he just didn’t say Israel did it!

These unilateral attacks from Israel & its behavior of arrogance, as in it is not answerable to anyone for its acts – & the fact that these strikes can be acts of provocation in an active war-zone – and the fact that the US & the UN remain quiet and usually support Israel’s version of the story – is a question mark on UN’s role as an unbiased arbitrator between opposing states

Israel’s aggressions with complete impunity & its posing as the UN is in its pocket – can be further danger to world peace & UN legitimacy

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