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Will Muduro Survive - Retrospect ..

Will Muduro Survive

Posted by Aneela Shahzad on

Will Muduro Survive

Pres. Maduro of Venezuela is part of the great legacy that was started with Hugo Chavez in the 1990s

Chavez, who died of cancer in 2013, initiated what is called the Pink Tide, a movement to reject US hegemony on South America and a resistance against US-led institutions and multinational companies to control their economies

Chavez united with him all major states in South America from Brazil to Ecuador and down to Argentina, creating a great wall against US interests that had been exploiting the people and resources of the continent for long

The US has not been sitting idle at this, rather it supports and arms rebels/dissident in each country plus there is an economic elite from pre-Pink Tide era, who has always been unhappy with losing business interest with North America. Last year Dilma Rouseff, Lula da Silva’ssuccessor in Brazil was impeached. Shae alos faced protests and street violence orchestrated by US-backed groups

Noam Chomsky, renown scientist and political activist was very disappointed at this, he said, “She’s being charged with manipulations in the budget, which are pretty standard in many countries, taking from one pocket and putting it into another”

He said, “we have the one leading politician who hasn’t stolen to enrich herself, who’s being impeached by a gang of thieves, who have done so. That does count as a kind of soft coup”, “The elite detested the Workers’ Party and is using this opportunity to get rid of the party that won the elections”

Now within a year, the same type of people are after Maduro. He has been facing fierce protests led by the elite-business opposition, who want to see their shares in US companies

Venezuelans have to choose between artificial economic ease & self-identification/ self-sovereignty that defines a nation and recognize real leadership

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