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Qatar – Saudi Clash - Retrospect ...

Qatar – Saudi Clash

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Qatar – Saudi Clash

The Qatar/Saudi clash first came to surface in Riyadh Summit, end of May, when Foreign Minister of Qatar spoke in favor of cooperation with Iran, openly opposing Saudi Arabia & Trump

Just after return from Summit, Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Al Thani, made a speech at the military school, where he criticized US current position, opposed the isolation of Iran, announced that most likely Trump will be impeached & implied that Saudi Arabia & UAE could be a threat against his country

Within days Saudi, Egypt, UAE & Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. Saudi accused Qatar of backing Hamas, Al Qaeda & even supporting the Houthi & using Al Jazeera for broadcasting anti-Saudi ideology

Actually the quarrel between the two is not very new, Qatar is base of USCentralCommand, therefore it is strong ally of US just like the Saudis, but they oppose at certain points:

1- Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood therefore it sides with Morsi while Saudis support the Sisi govt
2- Qatar gives safehaven to Hamas (also part of MB) leaders while Saudi oppose Hamas & support PLO
3- In Libya, Qatar sides with Islamists of Tripoli (MB /Salafis) while Saudi sides Gen. Haftar
4- In the wake of Russia/Iran/Turkey dominating in Syria, Qatar sees it feasible not to make enemies with Iran, with which it share the same gas field in the Persian Gulf &
5- Future gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey seems more possible now via Iraq & Syria if Qatar befriend Iran

Previously Obama admin kept an open policy with Iran, trying to find middle ways via talks but with Trump, US policy has become aggressive, throwing Qatar’s double-diplomacy in jeopardy

Today we see that the Saudis whom Western Media bitterly accuses of funding/harboring extremists/terrorist, is accusing partner-in-crime Qatar for the same. Tragedy is, that none will forsake US who is the real enemy & is systematically breaking apart the Muslim World

How many wars, how much blood will it take to open our eyes