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DR Congo at Brink of War - Retrospect .

DR Congo at Brink of War

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DR Congo at Brink of War

DRC has $24 trillion worth of Valuable Minerals/ Coltan, Gold, Diamonds, Tin, Uranium. This equals combined GDP of Europe & US. $6 million resources leaves Congo everyday, but for Congolese people there is only misery & death. Western states back militias who extract minerals for them

Today over 40 armed rebel groups (domestic and foreign) operate in Congo. As time has come for Pres Kabila, in power since 2001, to step down, both his going or wanting to stay in power can ignite new tension/war in Congo

But tragedy is not new for Congo:
1871 to 1960 – Congo was owned by King Leopard of Belgium, he enslaved population – rape/torture/killing was common – 10million were killed

1960 -1961 – Patrice Lumumba, a pan-Africanist, led the nation to independence. With Belgium support Katanga & Kasai provinces seceded from Congo. Lumumba asked US for help, US refused, Lumumba turned to Russian help. US behind coup by Army Chief Mobutu, Lumumba is executed. Civil war follows till 1965

1965 to 1997 – Mobutu authoritarian regime, large scale plundering of the Congo’s natural resources, Mobutu amasses $4billion in Swiss banks, corruption & human rights violations common. Bush calls him “one of our most valued friends”

1994 Rwandan Genocide - 800,000 killed in Rwandan, 2million flee to eastern Congo

1997 First Congo War - Rwanda & Uganda invaded east Congo, help opp. leader Kabila gain power

2001 Second Congo War – Kabila shot dead, son Joseph Kabila takes power, 9 African countries enter the war

Today major rebels & their backers: FDLR(Rwanda), ADF (Uganda), FNL(Burundi), LRA(Uganda), Mai-Mai(local)

UN report: ‘this massive looting (of minerals)was aided by US-backed governments in Uganda, Rwanda, & DRC & Western multinational corporations that used (and still use) militias as a conduit to gain access to those resources’

US supplied Mobutu $300 million weapons & $100 million military training. When Kabila took power, the Clinton admin quickly offered same to him. US armed 8 of 9 governments directly involved in war in DRC since Kabila’s coup