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Kasai Killings /Congo's Impending War - Retrospect .

Kasai Killings /Congo's Impending War

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Kasia Killings /ImpendingWar

Will Humanity Do Anything to Save Congo?

The Congolese Army & allies have killed nearly 4,000 since start of this year/ 1.3Million people in the central Kasai region are fleeing for their lives

95% of estimated 5Million Congolese who have died since 1998 did not perish during actual fighting. Instead, they died of hunger & disease after fleeing from the violence

For more than a century, the Congolese people have mined copper, cobalt & diamonds in industrial quantities, exploited by Europe & America. All that is left for the Congolese in exchange of these Curse-Minerals is death, devastation & a non-functioning nation

Just last September, a New York hedge fund, Och-Ziff Capital Management, was slapped with a record fine of $412 million for bribing President Joseph Kabila to get mineral concessions. If there is anywhere in the world where the rich nations have a moral, legal, and financial obligation to act, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the place

Kambale Musavuli, who works with the US-based advocacy group Friends of the Congo, says that America should stop supporting Kabila and other African dictators, and stop countenancing impunity for human-rights crimes. Congolese military leaders who are being named for widespread murder in Kasai were responsible for atrocities in the war-torn east decades ago, but were never brought to justice

“Many believe that the violence in Kasai is part of a broader strategy to provoke chaos across the country, make it ‘impossible’ to organize elections, and therefore allow Kabila to stay in power”

This greed for wealth by westerners & avarice for power by Kabila has once again brought Congo at the verge of a Civil War, which can bring many neighboring countries, who back different militant group active in Congo, into the War. In the 2001 Second Congo War 9 African countries entered the war