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JustinTrudeau GayPride & EidSocks - Retrospect ..

JustinTrudeau GayPride & EidSocks

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JustinTrudeau GayPride & EidSocks

On Eid Day, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau took part in Toronto’s largest LGBTQ Gay Pride parade, with both dates coinciding

Trudeau wore his Pride socks with text reading “Eid Mubarak” so-to-speak honoring the Muslim religious celebration. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, Trudeau wished the crowd a happy “Pride Mubarak,” recognizing the dueling events taking place that weekend

This comes after Berlin’s Liberal Mosque news, which is open to Sunni n Shiites, as well the LGBTQ & you don’t have to cover your heads with scarfs or even cover your arms & legs. But you do have traditional prayer mats & Takbeer – Liberal Duplicity

The Quran explicitly warns against same-sex relationship & Muslims know there is no place for such strange/queer attitudes that defy sane human nature, in Islam. Not only to Muslims but to most religious Christians LGBT is unacceptable, but sadly Muslims are targeted systematically to weaken faith in young Muslims who are unprepared for the planned onslaught by Islamophobes against Islam

It would be better for Trudeau to leave religion alone & not try to queer it. Wearing Eid Mubarik on your socks is humiliating enough + you wear it on a GayPride! Trudeau is most welcomed to wear the Queen’s face on his socks next time!

Trudeau & the likes of him need not express unity with Islam by negating its core values first! Just Stay Away Trudeau!

As the Prophet said in the words of the Quran:
Lakum deenakum wa liya deeni
For you is your faith and for mine is mine!

Pics. Trudeau in GayPride & Berlin’s Liberal Mosque