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Israel India Nexus /Modi in Israel

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Israel India Nexus

Modi in Israel Today

India & Israel ties are deep & old but diplomatic ties were openly made in 1992. In 1997 Netanyahu said, “Our ties with India don’t have any limits. Pres.
Pranab Mukherjee visited Israel in 2015,
Ariel Sharon visited New Delhi in 2003 & Pres.
Reuven Rivlin visited India in 2016.
India sent 3 Navy Ships to Israel for joint activities with Israeli Navy 2months ahead of Modi’s visit

Previously India has always shyer away from publicly demonstrating close ties with Israel due to its large Muslim Population

Yet India is largest buyer of Israeli military equipment with military & strategic ties. Analysts say, Israel shares it counter-terrorism expertise, well-tried on the Palestinians, with India, which in turn India applies in Occupied Kashmir – hence the similarities in the oppression of the two people

Israel provided military assistance to India in its wars in 1962, 1965. In 1971, Golda Meir, offered Indira Gandhi Israeli arms & instructors in exchange of full diplomatic relations. Israel funneled aid to the Mukti Bahini & was the first to recognize Bangladesh in 1971

It is well known in intelligence circles that Mossad & Raw collaborate their acts in Afghanistan, which profusely extend into the soil of Pakistan

In 2007, Syed Ali Geelani publicly accused Mossad of aiding & abetting India to obliterate the Kashmiri freedom struggle. 1980s Sharon-Vajpayee agreement led to training of Indian forces in counter-insurgency. A so-called CounterTerrorism unit, led by Eli Katzir, has been operating in Kashmir since 2000. Counter-Terror methods used by Mossad are as expected genocidal, like poisoning of water, disrupting agriculture, initiating drug use etc

Now that Trump & Modi have jointly declared Syed Sallahuddin a global terrorist, BJP/Mossad/RAW are likely to increase activities as they target a demographic change in Kashmir in near future

India/Israel/US Nexus is based on expansionist desires, oppression and hegemony