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Modi Netanyahu Bromance – How Deep? - India

Modi Netanyahu Bromance – How Deep?

Posted by Aneela Shahzad on

On the eve of Modi’s “historic” visit to Israel, an Israeli foreign ministry official said that his country supports India on terrorism emanating from Pakistan “hook, line and sinker”, and is “not asking for a quid pro quo”. This is indeed true, as the anti-Pakistan stance is not just a rhetoric to please India but an integral of Israel’s foreign policy.

But this is not all - Israel is hand in gloves with Indian covert excesses in Afghanistan, in Indian Occupied Kashmir and in Pakistan, to destabilize the three. Anyone with an average moral would bethink that an Israel, already clogged under the sickening burden of being an oppressive regime over the occupied lands of the Palestinians, would otherwise be wanting to do some good around the world – but to our surprise it has gone at length to seek relations with a parallel oppressor, vowing to aid it in sinister matters.

Students of geopolitics and even of realpolitik would try to measure the India/Israel relationship in strategic and economic terms, but sadly it is not possible to be oblivious of a deep philosophical linkage between the two states that has made them natural partners in the last 70years. Despite the expression of majority of world nations, being against Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, as they repeatedly vote on issues relating to Palestine in the UN, India chooses to befriend Israel in a symbolic gesture that stands apart in the culture of world nations.

Perhaps sadly, the philosophy shared by the two is one embed deeply in race-superiority and lust over land – the human elements, usually ignored by analysts. The Hinduvta philosophy, engraved all along the Indian political framework, and which is especially the emblem of the RSS, of which the BJP is a sub-group, believes in the concept of homogenizing the majority and in Hindu cultural hegemony by using fascist means. For instance, Dalit suppression, anti-Dalit and anti-Muslim violence, force conversion into Hinduism and the recent surge of cow-vigilante killings are all examples of fascist extremist acts that dehumanize society on the whole. Several Hinduvta parties like Hindu Mahasabha, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS and BJP also call for the recreation of Akhand Bharat, meaning all states from Afghanistan to Burma, should be unified and purified in the lines of legendary ancient Hindu civilization and heritage of the land. This Akhand Bharat concepts disallows conversion from Hinduism and awaits Ghar-Wapsi (home-return) of 172million Muslims and 24million Christians back into the realm of Hinduism.

All this means that in there is practically little space for self-determination in India, which is exactly what has extended into the Kashmir Issue. Self-determination for the Kashmiris is out of the question, especially when they are swaying in the false-identity of being Muslims, when in reality they are Hindus living in Hindu land. Moreover, giving-up Kashmir as an unmanageable menace is unthinkable because giving it up means abandoning Akhand Bharat, the dream of a Greater India parallel to that of Greater Israel. And it goes without saying that the creation of Israel is also based on the idea of a superior race in the Jews, who have the right to violate human rights by expelling a people from their centuries old homeland on the pretext that God has had promised this land to the Jews. This self-righteous allowance of the two races to commit fascism upon the people that they can get their hands on, joins the two in an evil bond that is scarce to find in the community of nations, even in times of realpolitik like now.

This natural oneness has brought the two nations together since a long time, even though India has always shyer away from openly admitting its friendliness towards Israel for its fear of angering the large 172million Muslim population of India.

Yet Israel had been extending help perpetually in times of need to India – like Israel covertly provided military assistance to India in its wars in 1962, 1965. In 1971, Golda Meir, offered Indira Gandhi Israeli arms & instructors in exchange of full diplomatic relations. Israel funneled aid to the Mukti Bahini and was the first to recognize Bangladesh in 1971. In the 1980s Sharon-Vajpayee made an agreement that led to training of Indian forces in counter-insurgency. But this love-affair had to be kept secret owing to India’s alliance with the Soviet Union. Interestingly India stayed in the Soviet camp until it was at wars with Afghanistan and the moment the Soviets faced their demise at the hands of the Afghans, India quietly moved into the US camp under the 1991 Narasimha Rao Initiative. This initiative brought India to open its doors to western capitalist institutions and at the same time diplomatic relations were opened with Israel in 1992.

This geostrategic inversion in the region made India a potential pivot for US and partner-in-crime Israel, who shared targets in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Middle East, some of which were shared at heart by Hinduvta-lovers too. With this, India became the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment and increased military and strategic ties – especially in the context of counter-terrorism against Kashmiris, of which Israel has special first-hand expertise with the Palestinians. So by the time of US invasion of Afghanistan, Israel had done much of its homework in India.

Soviet Union’s ousting from Afghanistan and its break-up was taken as a strategic victory by Pakistan and the natural way forward for Pakistan was to embrace this historical point of victory and use it in its favor. This victory was added by the establishment of pro-Pakistan Taliban in Kabul, therefore we saw a renewed surge in political activity in Indian-held Kashmir in the 1990s, which Pakistan backed, as it considers Kashmir a genuine issue that needs to be resolved according to UN resolutions. Conversely, RAW has been permitting 40,000 Israeli to visit Jammu and Kashmir annually as tourists to conduct surveillance operations in the Valley. According to a declassified document from RAW, Mossad has arranged for Indian drug mafias to infest occupied Kashmir with opium and to use the profits for establishing counter-terrorism training camps in and around Kashmir.

With the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, a lot happened in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir, and also in India. Afghanistan became the hub and exporter of terrorism to many Muslim countries around the globe. Pakistan was a special target, and for over a decade, the country was relentlessly hit by suicide-bombers, killing thousands. All these activities originated from terror outfits, trained, armed by a CIA/Mossad/RAW nexus that used Muslim recruits as their ammo.

In Kashmir intensified oppression caused increasing dissent, in 2007, Sayyed Ali Shah Geelani, leader of Hurriyat Conference, publicly accused Israel’s Mossad of aiding and abetting India to obliterate the Kashmiri freedom struggle. He said, ‘the tactics chosen by India’s military in the Valley were the same tactics used by Mossad against the Palestinians’. Israeli Counter-Terrorism Combat Units had penetrated between Indian Armed Forces ranks and the Police, creating a reign of terror with Israeli weaponry and methods of Mossad torture, crushing all signs of resistance hard. Thirdly, it was inside India itself, where Israel launched several false-flags, including the Mumbai Attacks in collaboration with RAW, to put the blame on Pakistan.

Three decades of US/India/Israel friendship has fared hard on the three Sunni Muslim neighbors, who need each other’s backs for existential reasons. The US/India/Israel nexus has not been secretive – US and India have openly accused Pakistan for being a terrorist state and have constantly maligned it in international fronts. In the recent visit of Modi to the US, he and Trump once again jointly accused Pakistan of terrorism and called Kashmiri freedom movement Hizb ul Mujahideen leader Syed Sallahuddin a global terrorist, vowing to help each other against their alleged terrorists.

And finally Netanyahu has found his long-awaited chance to spill venom against Pakistan and Kashmir as Modi visit Israel. Before Modi arrived, the Israeli foreign ministry official said ‘Jewish nation has said it completely supports New Delhi in its fight against terror emanating from Pakistan and within the country’, ‘outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hamas were no different from each other’, he said. Netanyahu has added to this, saying that both countries are ‘challenged by forces of terror’ and will ‘do much more together to protect our strategic interests’. The truth is that those who appear ‘terrorists’ in the morbid visions of Netanyahu and Modi, are freedom-fighters standing for their right of self-determination in the eye of the wider global community – and dismally, the two can find true solace only in each other.

These open commitments and symbolic show of love-bonded relationship may be a sign that BJP/Mossad/RAW have planned to hype their activities in Kashmir in near future, as they target a demographic change in the Muslim majority of Kashmir.