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Blackwater 2.0 for Afghanistan - Retrospect ..

Blackwater 2.0 for Afghanistan

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Blackwater 2.0 for Afghanistan

Erik Prince, founder Blackwater Worldwide & Stephen Feinberg, owner of giant contractor DynCorp International, have presented a proposal to chief strategist Steve Bannon & Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law (a Jew) saying - US should re-hire their mercenary armies to “fix” Afghanistan - a job that US Forces have failed in

Viciously, Prince has proposed that this time whole of the Afghan Project should be given under a viceroy-like chief of the mercenary army akin to the powers of the British East India Company or those of Gen. MacArthur, who ruled Japan after WWII

Not to forget, it was under Prince that Blackwater military contractors opened fire in Baghdad, killing 17 civilians in the infamous episode. Already SIGAR Jan 2017 Quarterly Report said ‘Pentagon has issued large contracts to private firms like Blackwater & IBM that conduct kill-missions & espionage with impunity, as they are not answerable to a military code of conduct’

While estimates of war-related deaths in Afghanistan range from 26,000 to 360,000 the real number is around 3 million people including 900,000 infants. This is all because Special Operations Forces along with mercenaries, bomb & raid civilians without accountability in a media-blackout country. More so, today Afghanistan is a major market for illicit arms trafficking & biggest Opium producer/exported, thanks to the Invasion

Now just imagine what a Blackwater 2.0, with absolute impunity & complete power will do to the Afghans. What havoc will BW2.0 play to eradicate the Taliban, who are part of & deeply embedded in the 50% Pashtun population of Afghanistan? Already, only in 2016 CENTCOM forces have dropped 1337 bombs on Afghan civilians in the name of targeting Al Qaeda & ISIS

After 16years of malicious war US/Allies have not succeeded in fulfilling their greeds in Afghanistan/Taliban have made it impossible for them to act outside Kabul or carry-on mineral-extraction projects

Should the US not have concluded that it has done enough pain/death/destruction to the Afghans & should leave them alone!

Instead Trump/Pentagon plans to set a new all-out butchery for the Afghans