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Venezuela Votes for Maduro

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Venezuela Votes for Maduro

Eight million people (41%) voted yesterday in Venezuela in support of Maduro's ruling Socialist Party giving it unlimited powers with a Constituent Assembly

"We have a Constituent Assembly," Maduro said in a speech to supporters, "It is the biggest vote the revolution has ever scored in its 18-year history", Maduro was referring to the Pink Tide

Hugo Chavez started the Pink Tide, a movement to reject US hegemony on South America & resistance against US-led institutions and multinational companies to control their economies

Chavez united major states in South America from Brazil to Ecuador to Argentina, creating a great wall against US interests that had been exploiting the people and resources of the continent for long

Since Chavez’ death in 2013, US has done everything possible to destabilize and oust Maduro, his successor. He has repeatedly faced protests over economic crisis, inflation & food shortages

US has supported the opposition which consist of big businessmen who see profits in allying with US companies. A soft-coup is being executed in Venezuela through protests/riots – a few days back the Opposition organized an unofficial referendum against Maduro’s bid to make a Constitution Assembly – this was an unprecedented step never seen in any democracy yet

US has condemned the election & threatened to impose new "strong and swift" sanctions

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, on Sunday called the election a "sham" and "step towards dictatorship", adding that the US will not accept "illegitimate government"

The Venezuelan people are writing history as they decide to stand against foreign imperialist that have extorted their country for centuries