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Kurdistan Referendum for Independence - Retrospect ...

Kurdistan Referendum for Independence

Posted by Raphaydeena on

Kurdistan Referendum for Independence

On Monday, 25th Sept. Kurdistan will hold a referendum on whether the Iraqi Kurds want an independent state or not

But the Referendum is ‘illegal’ according to the parliament in Baghdad. And even parties inside Kurdistan, like Kurdistan Islamic (KIG), Change Movement (Gorran), Patriotic Union(PUK) & Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) are not part of the Referendum Committee set by Masoud Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

If the Referendum takes place, it will likely be in favor of independence but this vote can start a domino-effect in the region for more Kurdish populations in Iran, Syria and Turkey to ask for independence

Though the referendum holds little political value at present as it is a move outside the Baghdad Parliament & in Kurdistan the parliament is not functional at all - it does hold symbolic importance

Turkey, Iran & Iraq have all opposed the possibility of an independent Iraqi Kurdistan, as it is seen as first step in Balkanization of Middle Eastern countries. Russia has said it supports the territorial integrity of Middle Eastern countries

Land-locked Iraqi Kurdistan only has 3 neighbors - Turkey, Iran & Iraq – so carving itself out in midst of these 3 states as a potential rival of each would not be wise for the Kurds, that is why they are internally divided on the issue

Iraqi Kurdistan has acquired autonomy due to US Invasion of Iraq & the continuing War – the Oil-rich Iraqi Kurdistan has become rich by selling its oil via its pipeline through Turkey. So it is in no position to anger Turkey

But there are some who desperately wish for an independent Iraqi Kurdistan – NeoCons in the US establishment who have been publishing the map of a balkanized Iraq for long – and Israel!

In Israel, Netanyahu has been asking for an oil pipeline from Kirkuk & Mosul to the Mediterranean Sea through Syria, to provide Israel with a constant source of energy, since 2005

It is to be seen how the vote turns out & how it effects the future of Middle East – Will Middle East be played in the hands of Western Bounty-Hunters or will it be able to stand for its sovereign existence!!