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Want to buy Slaves/ Go to Libya - Retrospect ..

Want to buy Slaves/ Go to Libya

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Want to buy Slaves
Go to Libya

6 years after US/NATO destroyed Libya World finds Libya teeming with Slave-Trade

March 2011, NATO/US launched a war in Libya

US/Allies launch thousands of missiles on Libyans/ destroy government’s ability to resist rebels

NATO supports array of rebel groups fighting in Libya
2011, NATO-backed rebels of Misrata refer themselves as “brigade for purging slaves, black skin”

Two main rival self-proclaimed governments in Libya today are the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) based in Tripoli and the Tobruk Govt. under Gen. Khalifa Haftar

The irony is that most of slave-trade markets have been found around the UN-backed Tripoli area. CNN identified Zuwara, Sabratah, Garyan, Castlevarde, Alzintan, Kabaw, Alrujban as locations of slave-auctions

In six years Libya has become a no-man’s land & open route for migrant from all over Africa to find their way out to Europe and on

top of that human are being sold right under the nose of the UN/NATO/US watchful eyes

And one question no one is asking -who is buying these slaves? which country are e they being taken to?