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US War Against Drugs in Afghanistan? Another Lie

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US War Against Drugs in Afghanistan?
Another Lie

US Commander John Nicolas said US has launched a well-planned raid against drug producing facilities in Helmand on Sunday using F-22 bomber

Today Afghanistan provides 90% of world Opium/heroin & the US propaganda blames Taliban to be the producers and beneficiaries of the Opium Trade

The UN-watch dog on drugs said in 2016, Opium production in Afghanistan has increased by 43% in the past year, currently being produced on over 200,000 hectares of land

The SIGAR Oct.2018 Report said ‘US has provided $8.5 billion for counter narcotics efforts in Afghanistan since 2002’
But Who is to Blame?

It is Official Fact that Taliban, who ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, had virtually eradicated poppy production in the country, before the US launched the intervention in 2001

The West’s obsession with the Opium trade is not new. Britain fought 2 Opium Wars with China from 1839 to 1860, when China attempted to suppress the opium trade in a bid to free its people of the adverse drug

The CIA has also been notoriously linked with the rise or even the origin of drug production and trafficking in many countries. CIA has been linked with drug lords from China to Columbia and Mexico. Therefore, a Pentagon/CIA collusion to encourage, facilitate and conclude Opium trade in Afghanistan is safe to conclude

And these raids are actually part of Trump’s new Afghanistan Policy in which he has vowed that the US will not take any part in development or reconstruction of the country and will take its enemy, the Taliban, by force

And the reason why Taliban is the enemy is that the Taliban has obstructed all US efforts for allowing multinational companies extract Afghan mineral wealth for free