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 US to provide Lethal Weapons to Ukraine - Retrospect .

US to provide Lethal Weapons to Ukraine

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US will provide Lethal Weapons to Ukraine
War will only bring destruction for Ukraine!

After humiliating failures in Syria and Iraq, and the loss of millions of lives and massive destruction of several cities, the US is looking for yet another war-front to satiate its thirst for blood

Lebanon was being thought of the next playground of death and disaster but it seems that the US wants more options to open – hence Ukraine

Trump has announced that the US will provide lethal grade weapons to the EU-backed Ukraine

This announcement has angered the Russians, and they have called back Russian officers from the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination in Ukraine, which was set up after the Minsk Protocol, a ceasefire treaty signed between Ukraine, Russian, Donetsk & Lugansk in Sept. 2014

Russian Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin says supply of ‘defensive’ aid could derail peace process in eastern Ukraine’s civil war

Until now, the US has only provided Ukraine with support equipment and training. It has also allowed private companies to sell small arms such as rifles to the country – but now Ukraine will be getting “enhanced defensive capabilities”

Why does the US need to fuel the conflict in Ukraine at this time? Does the world need another war? Is war the solution for humanity? Has war helped the people of any country where US and its Allies have set up a war?