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South Sudan ‘Childhood under Attack’

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South Sudan ‘Childhood under Attack’

UNECEF has issued a report on Friday by the title ‘Childhood under Attack in South Sudan’

South Sudan is the youngest country of the world, born on January 2011. Civil War started in 2013 and is on-going

While it has been forecasted that more than a million children under the age of five will be malnourished in 2018 in South Sudan and over half the country’s six million population will be facing severe hunger – this report tell of the plight of S Sudan’s children

The report says more than half of South Sudan's children have suffered abuse, trauma and hunger over the past four years of war

The report says: 
- almost 3million children are severely food insecure
- 1million are acutely malnourished 
- more than 2,300 children have been killed or injured 
- 2.4millon have been forced from their homes 
- 2million are out of school 
- 900,000 children suffer from psychological distress
- 19,000 have been recruited as child-soldiers
- hundreds have been raped/sexually assaulted

Another report by Amnesty says that as the country’s armed conflict entered its fifth year, tens of thousands of people have been killed, thousands more subjected to sexual violence, and close to four million displaced since the conflict December 2013

Has humanity entered its 21th century of civilization? Are we living on the same Planet? Is this how Humans live on Earth – Do we eat, rejoice and rest peacefully while a part of our own suffers painfully day and night?