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Trump Calls Africa Shithole

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Trump Calls Africa Shithole
Americans fail to defend their Pres.
African leaders furious

On Thursday, US Pres. Donald Trump called some immigrants from Africa and Haiti as coming from “shithole” countries, leaders around the world find it hard to defend Trump

The UN said it was impossible to describe his remarks as anything other than rac**t

The Vatican said Trump’s words were “particularly harsh and offensive”

The 55-nation African Union said the remarks were “clearly raci*t”

Democratic senator Dick Durbin – who was present at the meeting with Trump on Thursday – insisted that the reports were entirely accurate. He said “those hate-filled things and did so repeatedly”, “Shithole was the exact word used once not twice but repeatedly”

Salvador Sánchez, the president of El Salvador, said Trump’s words had “struck at the dignity of Salvadorans”

The former Haitian president Laurent Lamothe said Trump had shown “a lack of respect and ignorance”

Jessie Duarte, deputy secretary general of South Africa’s ruling ANC“Ours is not a shithole country and neither is Haiti or any other country in distress”

Uganda’s state minister for international relations, Henry Okello Oryem, called the remarks “unfortunate and regrettable”.

Botswana’s foreign ministry summoned the US ambassador in protest and called the comments “highly irresponsible, reprehensible and racist.” asked the US government, through its ambassador, to “clarify” if the derogatory remark

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