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General Wants More War in Afghanistan - Retrospect ...

General Wants More War in Afghanistan

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General Wants More War in Afghanistan
War-Happy Gen. Votel Looking For Aggressive Winter

Gen. Votel of US Central Command said yesterday that he wants ‘a more aggressive Afghan military for pressuring the Taliban starting now before the fighting season begins’

He said he wants to build pressure over the normally quieter months of Afghan winter, and then quickly going on the offensive in the spring

He said ‘an influx of new American trainers can help escalate the fight. They’ll be operating with Afghan units, closer to the front lines and at greater risk, but he said US commanders will ensure American and allied forces have adequate protection

Afghan forces must "keep the pressure on all the time and work to gain the upper hand as quickly as we can. So that as we get into this next fighting season we can build on the initiative"

17 Years of War have brought nothing for the common Afghans. At most they have a Celebratory Democracy in Kabul, that acts as a puppet that fulfills US wishes, and that has no power outside Kabul

17years ago Bush promised to bring true peace and democracy to Afghanistan and rebuild the country – but obviously that was nothing but ‘lies and deceit’ - the real purpose was to control Afghanistan’s resources and become and imperial in the region
Thanks to freedom-fighters like the Taliban, Afghanistan is yet again proving to be a graveyard for the US Empire. While the US indiscriminate bombings and lethal raids have killed hundreds of thousands of Afghan without much record, the Taliban stand as a resistance to foreign occupation

Votel believes the Afghan Forces will prove to be strong this time, but they have proved to be absconders many times before and often kill their masters in Green over Blue attacks. The reason for their low morale is that they know they are being asked to kill their fellow-Afghan who are seen by most population as heroes

Democracy means the will of the majority and the US and Pentagon are hugely mistaken to think that they would achieve any peace excluding the majority or by calling the Taliban terrorist

Prolonged War means investment for the US but for the Afghans it is only disaster and death