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The Jerusalem Issue  - Retrospect .

The Jerusalem Issue

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The Jerusalem Issue

Israel wants to get rid of the Palestinians/ and Jerusalem might be the last nail in the coffin

Oct 2017 - Britain announced a yearlong celebration of the Balfour Declaration at its centenary

Dec 2017 - US announced its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

One week later - Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) holds extraordinary summit in Turkey, declaring East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine

Mahmmod Abbas says ‘Palestinians will not accept any US role in the Peace Process from now on

Two weeks later - 128 UN members vote in favor of the international consensus that the status of Jerusalem can only be settled as an agreed final issue in a peace deal – US/Israel face international embarrassment

May 2017 - secret meetings between Trump & Netanyahu for ‘Deal of the Century’. Deal says Egypt will control the Gaza Strip & Jordan will take ‘parts’ of the occupied West Bank – Israel will control remaining parts of the West Bank – reports of Israeli officials meeting Egypt’s Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II

15 Jan 2018 - Abbas in speech called the 'deal of the century' the ‘slap of the century’. Palestinians call for end of Oslo Accords wherein PLO recognized Israel’s existence

Israel occupied East Jerusalem at the end of the 1967 War and effectively controls the whole city since then. Palestinians of East Jerusalem live the lives of captives and with no citizenship

By the Jerusalem Move, does Israel want to drive the Palestinians out of their entire state and drive them into the deserts of Sinai?

Or will God send them back there again?