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Syria Situation Report 2017-2018 - Retrospect ..

Syria Situation Report 2017-2018

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Syria Situation Report 2017-2018

May2017 - Ceasefire guarantor nations, Russia, Iran & Turkey sign memorandum in Astana on setting up four de-escalation zones in Syria

Dec2017 - Russian FM Sergey Lavrov says, ‘there are no plans with the United States on region of Syria. I believe that’s totally counterproductive’

Dec2017 - Reports that US is training former terrorists in Syria in some US military bases in Syria, in an attempt to create the ‘New Syrian Army’ & use it to change the unwanted regime

Jan2018 – Washington reveals new plans to train/arm/fund Kurdish Militia, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to guard the Syrian-Turkish border/ not acceptable for Turkey, Syria to empower the Kurds

Jan2018- Washington announced plan to implement a 30,000-man border security force in Syria's Kurdish territory

15Jan2018 - Lavrov says US "does not want to keep Syria as a state in its current borders", accusing Washington of seeking to establish a Kurdish-controlled entity along Turkish and Iraqi border zones

16Jan2018 - Turkey-Backed Militants Launch Heavy Attacks on Kurds in Northern Syria, Aleppo, Afrin

17Jan2018- Violence escalates between shiite militias and rebels in Idlib province

17Jan 2018 - Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay'at or the Levant Liberation Board) and other terrorist groups in Quneitra province end peace with the Syrian Army. Quneitra governate has borders with Israel, who refunds 7 rearms these rebels

17Jan2018 - Turkey says it would not hesitate to take action in Syria’s Afrin district and other areas unless the United States withdrew support for a Kurdish-led force there

18Jan2018 - Syrian government says US military presence in Syria is an “aggression” against Syrian sovereignty, vows to free the country from any “illegitimate” foreign presence