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Trump Total Failure in North Korea - Retrospect .

Trump Total Failure in North Korea

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(pic shows Yalta Conference – Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin decide to divide the country)

Trump Total Failure in North Korea
US about to lose strong ally South Korea

1945 – North and South Korea was one country
Historically Korea has been under Chinese influence 
1895 – Japan won 1st Sino-Japan War, Korea come under its control
1905 – Japan wins Russo-Japan War, Korea remains under Japan

WW2 –Feb, 1945 – Yalta Conference – Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin secretly agree on dividing Korea into two

6, 9 Aug. 1945 - US bombs Hiroshima/Nagasaki 
9 August, 1945 – Russia occupies North Korea and stops at the 38th Parallel, US troops reach in September & occupy South Korea without any resistance

North Korea because a Communist State and South becomes Capitalist

1950-53 -US and Russia fight proxy war in the two Koreas, 2,5 million killed in the war

Both North & South become fastest growing economies with backing of their allies

1992 – US claims North Korea is building Nuclear Weapons, sanctions start, North faces economic losses – US deploys Patriotic Missiles & THAAD counter-missiles in South

Because of US aggressive policy against China & Russian interests, forces them to covertly defend North Korea

After Obama’s failed Asia Pivot Policy, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and India are the only US allies left in Asia

Yesterday, Kim Jong Un met a high-ranking delegation from the South, including Seoul's national security chief Chung Eui Yong – and Kim expressed reunification of the divided nation

This is the single, biggest failure of US foreign policy and most bashing for Trump, who spent the last year bullying North Korea and threatening with adverse reprisal