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Russia Ready to Tackle Intervention in Venezuela

Posted by Raphaydeena on

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that his country is determined to tackle all attempts to intervene in Venezuela's internal affairs.

The US is using the technologies of color revolutions to bring down unwanted regimes and is set to deploy a new warfare strategy dubbed “Trojan Horse”, Russian Staff Chief said on Saturday.

He said, Washington is already using technologies of color revolutions and is working on several types of offensives which he called a “global strike” and “multi-sphere battle."

Meanwhile, socialist leader of Venezuela, Freddy Bernal, warned that the Agency of the United Nations for the Refugees (UNHCR) might be providing funds to "irregular groups" that intend to attack Venezuela.

"A new form of war is being prepared, internal chaos through paramilitaries and irregular groups through attacks on police installations, security and selective assassinations of political and military leaders," he added.

On the other hand, Juan Guaido, who is on a tour of Latin American nations to drum up support for his regime change efforts, has called for new rounds of protests against President Nicolas Maduro upon his return - adding to the chaos