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France Yellow-Vest Protests Choas

Posted by Aneela Shahzad on

The Yellow-Vest in France protests began on 17 November 2018, more than 300,000 people across France have participated, with protesters constructing barricades and blocking roads.
On March 17, the Fouquet's restaurant on the Champs-Élysées in Paris was heavily damaged in the yellow vest protests.
The "gilets jaunes" or yellow vest protests began as a campaign against a gas tax hike, but have morphed into a broader rally against President Emmanuel Macron's government.
The movement is motivated by rising fuel prices, a high cost of living, and claims that a disproportionate burden of the government's tax reforms were falling on the working and middle classes,[61][62][63] especially in rural and peri-urban areas.
On 1st May, the protests were renamed Paris May Day Protests - Police and demonstrators clashed again, shop windows were smashed and projectiles thrown at the more than 7,000 officers deployed.
Police responded with tear gas and water cannon, and arrested 380 people. According to CGT 80,000 people participated in the protest in Paris, and 250,000 came out across the country. However, France Police said that 21,000 people participated in the Paris protests and that 35 protesters were detained for various "offences". Seven police officers were injured.But surely NATO will not come to help these protesters as it did the Arab Spring ones