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  • Mind -  the Hard Problem

    Mind - the Hard Problem

    In solving the mind problem, popularly referred to as 'conscience the hard problem', thinkers often tend to dissolve the 'thought' as a unique entity and equate its reality to ordinary matter. This essay is a defense of the mind's uniqueness, fundamental universality.

  • God and Mathematics

    God and Mathematics

    Great advances in mathematics in the last few centuries has brought thinkers to face a contest between the seeming perfection by which mathematics is able to explain the details of phenomenon we encounter around us in nature and the strange paucity of strength in the foundational structure of mathematics. Does this paucity alarm us... that we may just be scratching on the surface of wholesome knowledge?

  • Atheism- War Against God

    Atheism- War Against God

    An analysis of how scientific knowledge has both its objective and subjective components, and that science dose not insists that it is the whole truth, only the atheist does.

  • My God of Gaps

    My God of Gaps

    Is the objective mind not asking us here, to think of two things that are extremely impossible in its own diction, as to be rather easy possibilities in this specific case – ‘spontaneity’ and ‘order from chaos’?

  • Evolution of Knowledge

    Evolution of Knowledge

    If indeed human knowledge has a life of its own, though feeding entirely upon our grey cells, it does show a trait unique to life itself, that surely it evolves. And the methods of its evolution have, just like other life, been somewhat spontaneous, probabilistic and unpredictable