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  • Jumping the Quantum (Physics)

    Jumping the Quantum (Physics)

    while matter around us, from the speck of dust to the galaxies, all behaves in set patterns, under detectable laws, in such a way that for all actions there are determined and knowable reactions and one event cannot have two different outcomes when repeated in exact identical conditions - yet things just like that are seen happening in the subatomic realm.

  • First Cause, Knowledge & Infinity

    First Cause, Knowledge & Infinity

    Human thought is capable of conceptualizing an idea that is larger than anything in its immediate experience - is this conceptualization based on profound truth or on stray figments of unguided reflexes caused by slight misappropriations of the hormonal jets.

  • The Problem of Evil

    The Problem of Evil

    (It) simply imposes on God that He has to eliminate evil, or we won’t believe in Him; it is also the same as asking for the miracle, ‘if He wants to win us, He will have to show’.

  • Evolution - It Simply Doesn't Work

    Evolution - It Simply Doesn't Work

    When Darwin was eagerly awaiting the discovery of the missing links between one species and another, he also considered them the missing links that would strengthen the belief in God on scientific lines.

  • Battleground God

    Battleground God

    These games test your moral standing and the rationality of your religious beliefs. To my grunt I scored as a morally disillusioned and a rationally inconsistent loser.