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  • WW1 / WW2 - Dark Shadows

    WW1 / WW2 - Dark Shadows

    These are not just two wars that occurred and are over now, rather their effects reach us to this day – their dark shadows may still be blocking the radiations that would have lightened our lives. It is imperative to understand these wars to understand the world we are living in today. And it is imperative to determine where humanity has done its wrongs and how it will undo them now.

  • Ports and Pipelines

    Ports and Pipelines

    This essay presents an analysis of upcoming ports and pipelines projects in terms of geostrategic implications,focusing in the end on Pakistan's CPEC project.

  • 'Clash of Civilizations - Possibilities'

    'Clash of Civilizations - Possibilities'

    Is the clash of civilizations a Muslim Extremist verse a Moderate West clash or is there more to it. Understanding the less-talked-of grave situation between today's civilisations may be imperative for our survivals in the near future.

  • The Silent Majority

    The Silent Majority

    This silence of the majority, and their acceptance of remaining the permanent, disassociate listener, create this unique ethos of our modern era...