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  • Afghanistan – the Next Decade

    Afghanistan – the Next Decade

    The question is, how long can the US survive in Afghanistan. This essay will also endeavor to reassess the geopolitical imagination that enshrouds Afghanistan with negatives like its having a ‘cursed geography’ or its being ‘unable to become a nation-state because of its strong ethno-nationalisms’ and to demystify its real standing in the global arena.

  • Afghanistan and the Democratic Process

    Afghanistan and the Democratic Process

    The Afghans have been a pivot between powerful imperialist contenders for centuries at a stretch, and every Afghan ruler had to ally with either the Russians or the British in order to survive in the Great Game of power.

  • Pak-Afghan Post NATO Ousting

    Pak-Afghan Post NATO Ousting

    Afghanistan still faces an ongoing crises of violence, conflict and civil war – in a country divided into factions, with no rule of law from any center that could bind the people together.

  • 2014 Withdrawal Logistics

    2014 Withdrawal Logistics

    11 years of unjust occupation, with the help of a multi-tech army, consuming supplies of over 100,000 containers, which have always been on the move with refills, several times in a month, and no results!

  • Doha Talks and the Endgame

    Doha Talks and the Endgame

    In the Doha talks, the US is posing as the Big Brother who want to set all things right by assuring an implementation of democracy in Afghanistan after it leaves.