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The times that we live in are times of mounting data and the accumulation of unprecedented volumes of knowledge. Every concept that we read has equally strong anti-concepts, and every theory we tend to put our belief in, with little analysis turns out to be one of many equally plausible variants of the same issue. What is a scientifically provable theory for a person sitting on one place on the globe may be an utter conspiracy-theory for one sitting at some other place. At such times, when a focused view of the world seems to become impossibility, the need for clear thinking and defined paths to move forward does not cease but only becomes more apparent. 


In the swiftly moving geopolitical space-time, when every new day is dissimilar to the one we have left behind, it has become imperative for every nation to build a thinking-body, whose work is to constantly re-analyze geopolitical, geographical, strategic and social changes in the global scene. Only thinking nation will have their own identity and a part to play in the global stage and GTAC is an effort to become that broad-based thinking platform, which may be able to provide self-identity to our people and a global identity to interact with the global community.


Global Thought and Awareness Center or GTAC aims to be the unique Pakistan-based think-tank that believes in global solutions for the many crisis humanity is strangled in. As long as nations will aim to secure own-interests and forsake the greater humanity, the world will never find peace. By gathering acumen from all around us, GTAC aims to be the voice of Pakistan and of humanity itself.  


Join us and support us. 

  • LIFG & Global Terror – the Real Story

    LIFG & Global Terror – the Real Story

    This story is about the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) – a group that brought about the Arab Spring in Libya and in doing so the story will take us to the facts how it has played its part in making terrorism an inevitable global phenomenon.