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  • RSS / BJP Extremism

    Asia/Pacific / RSS / BJP Extremism

    Is the BJP headed towards political hegemony? With the coming 2019 elections and the growing ideology of Hindu dominance, its looks like India is bidding goodbye to its secular image.

  • Pak/Bangladesh - 1971

    Asia/Pacific / Pak/Bangladesh - 1971

    1971 was a tragedy only for West Pakistan, the East celebrated it as a victory, thoughtless at that time that the real victor was only India.

  • Same Mistakes - Vietnam to Afghanistan

    Asia/Pacific / Same Mistakes - Vietnam to Afghanistan

    Comparing Afghanistan and Vietnam should not just be an evaluation of how the US has lost in both wars, but to understand how little is gained with such a big toll of human life and suffering.

  • US mistakes in Afghanistan

    Asia/Pacific / US mistakes in Afghanistan

    ...common Afghans, their wives and children are struck violently in surprise attacks, their houses torched, their family members tortured and killed, creates the terror that remains in the hearts and minds of the affected, their extended families and their neighbourhoods. The relentless bombings throughout the years and the kill-and-run operations have only caused the hate that was refuelled in the form of revenge.

  •  Kashmir - the Historical Context

    Kashmir / Kashmir - the Historical Context

    The Quaid had visited Kashmir in 1926, 1929, 1936 and 1944; the Quaid knew that the political awakening of this undermined people was not going to be easy, especially under the strict Dogra Raj.