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  • Al Rehman (55) - An Exegesis

    Belief / Al Rehman (55) - An Exegesis

    This humble effort of attemptig to explain surah Al Rehman is not any ultimate explanation nor is it closed to correction, it is only the first steps to exploration in the Quran, to which the Quran invites us by summoning ‘why do you not think’ and ‘why do you not use your sense’, several times in its discourse.

  • The Universe in the Quran

    Belief / The Universe in the Quran

    The plain truth is that astronomy and physics are beggarly in term of observable facts about our immense space and the spectacular phenomenon inhibited in it. These sciences use more of thought-experiments, speculations and extrapolation to satiate the coaxing urge of answering queries such as ‘how the Universe came into being’, which as yet science is too young to answer.

  • Rahman Raheem - Deeper Meaning from the Quran

    Belief / Rahman Raheem - Deeper Meaning from the Quran

    Alas! Man alone finds the courage to break away from the strings of mercy and fulfillment, from the web that connects the atoms to the stars; that connects matter to knowledge; that connects Man to his Lord.