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  • Iqbal Poetry: khudi ka sirr-e-nihan...

    Ideology / Iqbal Poetry: khudi ka sirr-e-nihan...

    Every heart is indulged in love affairs with all possible ‘others’, in fact, there are idols all around us and not a single Baraheem to smash them and to bring humanity to the la ilahailla.

  • Are We Racist?

    Ideology / Are We Racist?

    The argument here is not whether this theory is anthropologically provable or not; the argument here is that 2.3 billion people read the Bible with this understanding every day.

  • Algeria – Ancient to Contemporary

    Africa / Algeria – Ancient to Contemporary

    France called its air force and paratroopers who responded to the demonstrators with such extreme violence that 45,000 Algerians were killed within a few days. This changed the political climate and several new parties emerged with the demand for independence, some of them making para-military wings to organize revolts and guerilla tactics against the French and by 1954 the Algerian War of Independence had begun.